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  1. So it's been more than a month I'm facing with this issue. I can't join a well known server call FFS gaming. Whenever I connect to it, it loads a bit and then I get connection lost error. There's nothing wrong with my net i can join every other server including the ffs's cw server but the not the main one. I've tried VPN, reinstalled gta and mta completely but nothings working. I asked ffs leaders about this problem but they are also unable to find the reason and solution for this so they asked me to post about this problem in mta.forum. Im not the only one to get this issue there are more people who reported about this issue like : https://ffs.gg/threads/94911-Can-t-connect-to-FFS https://ffs.gg/threads/95132-Mta-connection-to-server
  2. Quan

    Can I remove mods?

    I tried but that server don't have forum.
  3. Quan

    Can I remove mods?

    Actually I've been playing PUBG in MTA a lot. I usually play in CCD server but now they have added skin mods which causing me huge fps drops and lag because I have low end pc. Now i am unable to play in that server. So question was that can I remove that skin mods or something related to that? .If its possible please tell me a solution I need it really.