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  1. Using Asterisks to symbolize a range of letters or numbers. example of wildcard ban would be: Dx* Anything starting with Dx then anything afterwards would be banned.
  2. This is pretty much exactly my problem, only my lines a little faster(3mb/280kbit) and I use version 1.1
  3. The bandwidth isn't a problem for me..at all. I'll just timeout, either on stunt or DM. It's been more inconsistant lately but the problem is still there. *sighs*
  4. I'm using win2k..and it isn't my firewall because the last version didn't have this problem. Not my connection either..on 3mb/280k unsat. network.
  5. FFS this keeps happening to me also, but please add it to the other topic entitled "Timeouts!!".. I hope there's a solution this is pissing me off
  6. I'm having this same problem, all patched up 1.1..etc. Everything's fine except for these crazy timeouts. I could hardly play earlier because every 1-2 minutes I'd timeout. Once I got that CRC check timeout, but I believe the whole server got that cause I asked someone else and they attested to it. Here's some of my specs Windows 2k Pro Cable (Unsat. Network) Geforce 2 MX 400 64 meg
  7. I kinda like this idea, I'd even consider running a server if I had a script like that. And anyways, the 56k's would have much more fun if they played with people with similar pings. Would be much more fair, as well.
  8. Just remember..ping can be deceiving. Just because it looks respectable, doesn't mean there's not packet loss going on. And most of the 56kers don't have pings too bad, but they're still losing packets. So in my eye's that's an unfair advantage, not trying to make anyone look like a scapegoat here.
  9. Yeah, I agree with Dev on that. You shouldn't be able to play on a server that exceeds your connection throughput. I'm not exactly sure how much each client uses, maybe 2Kbytes both ways? But that would mean 56kers are screwed pretty much any way you look at it. Then again, it's hard to streamline the netcode for such a large environment that is usually populated by quite a number of players. A game like this...is meant for broadband only. The amount of bandwith needed for this game over say..3-5 players has already reached 56k's max throughput without/little packet loss. Flame me if you wil
  10. I had to vote for spas, it's way too easy to dominate with that weapon. In the hands of someone with even a small amount of skill they can be unstoppable in close combat. I just want to elaborate on what KFG said, I believe the reason you don't see it much is because most people have what I call a "Silent Agreement". Let's say you use the weapon and you die, would you want everyone in the area with such an powerful and imo unbalanced(at least in multiplayer) weapon? I think not, I have enough trouble killing the 56k's with pings in the 500's as is, why should I aid them by letting them pick up
  11. Thanks for the incite, just want to add that I'm on cable (3.5mbits/280k) usually pinging 30-90 on servers. So I doubt it was because of lag or packet-loss. But as you said KFG it could have been sync.. About the shotgun hits, I know the range isn't very far with shotgun's but when you hit them and see blood and they drop, that's what I was talking about. Anyways, thanks for the replies, hope to see you fellows in-game sometime.
  12. Few of you probably seen me on the official servers, mainly the one in PA. Anyways..my first question is about hit detection, why does it seem that only when I'm close to other clients I can damage them? For instance I'll use the cop shotty on someone from about 15 feet away and hit them a good 3 times yet I'll do no damage. Only when I rush in close(less then 5 feet) I seem to do damage. And no..I'm not talking about cops with armor. Moving onto my other question..what's the deal with the teleport hackers? I've seen probably 4 by now, and I've only seen 2 people proven to be health hackers
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