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  1. Noone forced them to release it when they did. And anyway, they can hardly be under pressure from a bunch of people most (or all)of whom they don't know, can they?Anyway, just enjoy it! It's no use whining for a release, playing it and then coming back to whine some more. In fact, there's no point whining full stop, all it does is piss people off.
  2. A cookie isn't a pastry. I should know, I am the avenger of the cookies.
  3. The rule here is to keep it english, yet you bash him for trying to do so. Here's an idea... how about you learn another language and then criticize yourself since you have nothing better to do. You'd know that how? And just to clarify, what do you mean trying to do so. He's doing a bad job of it. I just find it annoying when people don't use the language. No offense.
  4. You can probably script it so that when you press horn it shoots, you know. Like the mod that lets you bomb with the dodo. If you want that mod, go to gta3hq.com. Every decent mod's there.
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself. Unless I tried really, really hard... but I don't think I'd bother.
  6. Dude, why the hell would it be less than 1mb? That is fricking tiny. That's so tiny you could fit it inside a peanut shell without cracking it.
  7. DODOS DISABLED?!?! FUCK NO! It sounds so damn fun to just fly around the city and the sea in planes with your mates...
  8. You people are strange. It's always worked for me.
  9. Sounds cool. So are the RCbandits on the side of the bus dudes, to try to disable it then?
  10. Your grammer needs work, man. In your sig.
  11. There's nothing in the way of cheats for gta3 that can't be done in admin console, that can be done anywhere else. BTW, every game runs laggy as hell in a window.
  12. Why the hell would you want to do that? There are cheats and really good trainers, not to mention admin console.
  13. MAKE YOUR DAMN PIC SMALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. None of them fly better than any of the others. It's all about LOOKS, and flying it is all about SKILL. Some guys got it(me ), some guys don't. Anyway, get the big blue falcon jet plane at gta3hq.com, i think it's there. If not, try that german site i've temporarily forgotton the name of.
  15. Reckon. It's not like they've got it behind their backs and are saying "Here, take it!" then snatching it away. If they DID release it now, it'd probably be a heap of shit.
  16. What's the point of 1.1 anyway? It just lets you not run audio off the disc, while still keeping it so you have to have the disc in.
  17. Yes, preferably. And make me a balloon animal at the same time.
  18. Wow! You've got a serious anger problem AND a goat fetish! I meant that comment in good humor, man.
  19. It breaks your hearts? 'You know you have no life when:...'
  20. All gaming mags over here in Australia have cd's, too.
  21. There are 3 at the airport. One in the third hangar from the entrance, one outside at one end of the runway, and one in a second hangar. Does this mod of bartons have dodo bombing?
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