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  1. Btw I want create multi gamemode, 1 race + 1 more. Thats the point. In this second gamemode, same races. But player can pick 1 race and drive this race
  2. I want dynamic system, so when player set toptime, his points will be refreshed and player will be ranked on top players list. I am got idea. Create saving EVERY top for every race in sql or ini file. Like t1 - t1.ini, t2-t2.ini bla bla.. In this file, you write user account id, and in script you add him points. The problem is in realization, how create files for every top time
  3. Hey, I want create highscore list on my race server. Example: TOP1 - 25 points, TOP2 - 20 points .. ... .. If player1 got t1 he got 25 points, but If player2 got this top, player1 going on t2 and server need to got -25 points from player1 and give him 20(for top2). I am never work with base from mta, so someone can show me some examples, how I can create this?
  4. Same like in classic race mode, but in this mode player drive alone, and can pick race what want playing. Biggest problem is, how to make this "switching", from race to something new
  5. Hello. I am got idea to make time trial mode on my race server. What I think for time trial mode? Just example, player from race type /tt and that send him in time trial mode, player got dialog with races(But races for tt), can pick one race and play, got toptimes bla bla and can go back again in classic race mode. Someone have idea how create something like this?
  6. I dont understand... Where I need use it? First, and second... Problem is with that, I cant find where is function for showing vote menu When I come on server, send message curently play - map. And In this time when sever is empty, stop this map and show vote menu. How disable this stop map, and only spawn in this race? And without vote(im ask that)
  7. Hello. Im creating money and score system for finish race with onPlayerFinish. How I can got number of checkpoints in this race? I need it for calculate money and points. Code is example addEvent("onPlayerFinish",true) addEventHandler("onPlayerFinish", getRootElement(), function ( rank, time ) local account = getPlayerAccount(source) 50000 if rank == 1 then if not (isGuestAccount(account)) then blabaldaslvadgfad else hgdsfgdsfgds end else end end)
  8. Boris.

    racewin DD/DM

    Okay, really old theme but I have problems now with that. And I dont have destructionderby.lua
  9. Im try got test message when I finish race, but NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING....... addEventHandler("onPlayerFinish", root, function(rank, time) -- Calculate some reward amount down from 500 local thePlayer = source outputChatBox("#00ff00* #FFFFFF TEST .",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) -- Give the calculated reward amount to the player givePlayerMoney(source, rewardAmount) end)
  10. Im download one script and work, but when I finish race, I dont get money, and reactions dont work... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Original file by NeXTreme. Thanks for you'r awesome resource. -- -- -- -- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.-- -- http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ -- -- -- -- Edited by Xiti. All right reserved. Copyrig
  11. I want create money and score system in race. When player finish race, get some money and score and save it. And showing in scoreboard.
  12. Aha okay. How looking this function, this if? edit: aha isGuestAccount? Classic problem, when player join on server, If server is empty showing vote system and changing race. Retarded. When player join every time showing vote system. Im try put if is guest account, and after this never show vote system
  13. You dont understand me, I want this resources, but not in this time. This is not when server turn on, this is when one player join on server.
  14. Hi. Im downloaded and add this login system on my server https://twisted-gamers.net/forums/topic/9742-scriptfree-login-panel-for-mta-version-10-by-dapie/ Server automatic, when player join show this login menu, and problem is - server shows vote manager, and count of start races. How I can disable showing count and other before login or register?
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