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  1. I fixed it and add levels thanks for watching
  2. Hello Every time I open the panel it causes lag .. I would also like to list the top list Please Help I do not have much knowledge in this function onWasted(_,killer,_,body) if(killer and getElementType(killer)=="player" and killer~=source)then addPlayerKillCount(killer) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",root,onWasted) function addPlayerKillCount(p) local acc = getPlayerAccount(p) if(acc and isGuestAccount(acc)==false)then local pk = tonumber((getAccountData(acc,"Players Kills"))) or 0 setAccountData(acc,"Players Kills",pk+1) end end function onChangeNick(old,new)
  3. ahora eh conseguido que solamente los que estan conectados aparescan en el top, pero quiero que aparescan los que lo no estan tambien _getPlayerName = getPlayerName function getPlayerName(player) return string.gsub(_getPlayerName(player), "#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "" ) end function getPlayersSortByaScore( ) local TopScore = { } for _, aPlayer in next, getElementsByType 'player' do table.insert ( TopScore, { player = aPlayer, aScore = getElementData ( aPlayer, 'Players Kills' ) or 0 } ) end table.sort( TopScore, function( a, b ) return( tonumber( a.aScore ) or 0 ) >
  4. Hola, quisiera hacer un top 30 de los jugadores con mas kills, pero de esto desconosco hice algo pero, no tiene logica alguna.. en especial en el server.lua Si me podrian dejar un par de comentarios explicando cada cosa estaria agradecido. local Key = "F10" --- bind key HD = { gridlist = {}, S3D = {}, q = {} } function centerWindow(center_window) local screenW,screenH=guiGetScreenSize() local windowW,windowH=guiGetSize(center_window,false) local x,y = (screenW-windowW)/2,(screenH-windowH)/2 guiSetPosition(center_window,x,y,false) end HD.wnd = guiCreateWi
  5. ERROR: Loading script failed: afk2\server.lua: 'then' expected near 'local' ......(line 7)
  6. local account = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)) if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. account, aclGetGroup("GrupoACL")) then --Tu codigo end No te entiendo muy bien, pero te refieres a eso?
  7. @LimoN>w< si tienes el recurso "heligrab" el bind de "blackspace" se debe a eso ya que tiene un bind con "drop" ese recurso for key, state in pairs(getBoundKeys("jump")) do bindKey(key, "down", "grab") end --bindKey("lshift", "down", "grab", "") bindKey("backspace", "down", "drop", "") end
  8. Hola, quisiera que cuando un jugador escriba /afk por arriba de su cabeza unas letras que diga AFK y cuando escriba /noafk estas desaparescan. Nose muy bien como usar usar el dxDrawText, por favor AYUDA Aqui les dejo el scrip del AFK: Hello, I would like that when a player writes / afk above his head some letters that say AFK and when he writes / noafk they disappear. I do not know how to use the dxDrawText, please HELP Here is the AFK scrip: addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",getRootElement(), function () setElementData(source,"afk_state","back") setElementData(sou
  9. no work Bad argument @ 'getElementData' [Expected element at argument 1
  10. Hello, I want it to be impossible to shoot while this / afk I use toggleControl (player, "fire", false) but this bug in freeroam server ( I think) and allow to shoot HELP please addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",getRootElement(), function () setElementData(source,"afk_state","back") setElementData(source,"HideState","disabled") setElementData(source,"tafk",false) end) addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function () for i,v in pairs (getElementsByType("player")) do setElementData(v,"afk_state","back") setElementData(v,"HideState","dis
  11. thanks but, it only makes it look in the dimension 5 It works, thank you!!
  12. Can you explain me more please? what do you mean by "for iteration btw" Sorry, I'm still starting on this
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