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  1. Hello i'm looking for someone can model on the infernus, Can make bumbers, spoilers and all, Experienced one. (Paid)
  2. Hello guys, I'm looking for a developer who know php and to help me making the forum, And a server developer to continue my server with me, Can be paid on PayPal
  3. I have a global chat for sale, which allow to make a chat "g" between ur servers. 3 via PayPal. Discord : M E S S I < ~ ~#0709 Skype : messi.mta3
  4. Hey all, I'm selling my script "GlobalChat". that allows you to connect your server's with a chat. As example you have 2 servers Shooter - DM, and you want to connect them with a chat. The script's works well, If someone wants it I can show it for him in my server's. I'm selling the script for low price, Discord : Meeesssiiii *#0709
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