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  1. Men... I'm crazy. Pls rel it !
  2. Veno

    Jackob's map pack(60 maps)

    Men... If your always active, some new link would be hot. Waiting for it !
  3. Veno

    MTA:DayZ 0.9.6a [OUT NOW] [OPEN SOURCE]

    I'm waiting the release of this ^^
  4. Veno


    Personnaly, I try to convert samp map to MTA but I don't understand how to use this site... Can someone make a tutorial please?
  5. Veno

    [RPG]Pete's mapping

    Hi, I just want to ask if you're gonna rel this wonderful work one day? Because some of your work really intrerest my lil eyes
  6. Veno

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Oh... And the preexisting part, where I can found her? Thanks for your answer btw ^^
  7. Veno

    [JS]Converted Maps

    But if I found a map made like this like... Tokyo(Yes,I love Yakuza all the game and I want to make a Roleplay on it ^^) You thinks I can do it ?
  8. Veno

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Yop! Sorry for my english but i'm french. Hi have a little question for you... I found this mod and I want to know if Ican delete SA map and get this for replacement. You think it's possible?