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  1. Hej OHKI-BOY remember me vid is totally sick, but a bit short so wanna make a vid with me im back in the scene i guess, contact me on msn, so like get on msn more
  2. moehahahaaaa... soooo funny.. rofl!!!! pfff... dude.. hilarious!!! i am sorry.. you were saying?? shouldn't you be posting comments like "if you want to see a real video, download 'Just Realize'" or something? your reaction still stays funny
  3. lemme guess scancode saw only vids made by trained monkeys
  4. Ramon

    High Flying

    LoL mods..... hmmz .... if i say its n00b...then i will be hated .....if i dont say it, i'm a lying man sigh...
  5. lol thats why i hate mtavc now...it even got less istable than bfor
  6. Ramon


    Okay so i started the new mta.. saw some nice changes like the menu for caracter choosing...ok all nice...then i saw something that made me turn of mta.... NITRO OMFG...WHY..WHY!!! 1st they all try 2 ban cheators...blaah blaah....and now EVERYBODY ALREADY is LAMING with the nitro.. thats so fu=ked up...they could made this so nice....but instead they ruind it..
  7. i did airgrabs in my vid Check sig :::####::: :::####::: :::####::: :::####::: :######: ::#####:: :::####::: ::::###:::: ::::::#:::::: (wow nice arrow ) [edit] lol that isnt an airgrab error and all check my vid its a bit old but tthat doesnt matter [/edit]
  8. lol i remember that vid, it was like a jear agow that i saw it here... lol
  9. hey wow, its link a month agow since i logged in here and still not that much more,only n00bs more who makes useless topics about air-grabbing
  10. D/l it, ill edit this post for my reply
  11. Nice vid guys, finaly a quality stunt vid Im working on a vid myself, that one will be done in like 2 weeks i hope but it was a good vid lol airgrab mod
  12. Oh so im the starter of all this..... well ok then.... if u say so...well u are the best so u prbl know it the best so ok ill never post my true opinion again, ill just say nothing anymore here
  13. it was a waste of time to post this^ ok true so im not gonna post here again (this theath and other vid treaths that suck IMO)
  14. cuz if i say it was ok, im lying. ppl must understand rhat vids like that are just not good, so i cant say do this better....just do everything better. and imo its a waste of time to dl.....isn't here a freedom of speech?
  15. WTF chaozz was talking that that vid was shit......but his 2nd vid was also shit imo chaozz U got an attitude here by saying that his vid su*ked so Rebel dont u understand me [edit] I mean that chaozz was mad cuz some ppl tought his vid was shit, and he didn't liked that either, and now he's saying things like that so i think thats kinda hypocrite.....but ill leave chaozz in his toughts and ill stop posting @ n00b vids.....if that is what u want
  16. lol shit its a waste of time 2 d/l it
  17. [edit] saw the movie its 1100000 times better than ur 2nd vid chaozzz....loser
  18. OMG ur vid was also a total disaster so omg u are stupid
  19. this keeps getting better and better (or worse in your case). you g*ddamn talk about me in 3rd person, like i am a patient, some .. djeez man, if someone gives me a complement, don't go complaining.. that is so lame. let me do what you just did: hey guys, please give bloodymess some extra attention. he probably didn't get breast-fead as a baby. he probably hates dutch people too. i don't hate him for it. so please, you do not either. LoL dude he's being honest with u man!
  20. it's still nothing? come on dude.. lighten up for gods sake. don't just shit on it. tell me whats wrong... pff.. Well stunts are still bad, and the editing also nuthing special. but i said u make inprovement so that positive isn't it?
  21. thats a pretty relavant post.. thanx for commenting.. *sig* LoL, ok well its better than ur 1st vid, only its stilll nothing but its an inprovement so keep on stunting
  22. /me looks at the double post and says that its naughty to double post
  23. well if u wanna do an air grab u should try it on cars: - go into wheelie (50 degrees) - Then hit a car, but befor u hit it, let go of everything and go buttom smash enter - then its a matter of timing and luck
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