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  1. The server is already in development and has been for quite some time, depending on the results of the survey will determine what the most practical route will be for development based on people's opinions. We want to create a server that is mainly based on community feedback and what people want. Once we reach the point where we have enough complete to publicize the server, it will be announced.
  2. you are making a roleplay server for mta?

  3. Hey guys, I am part of a team that are aiming to get feedback from the roleplaying community of MTA, or those who have any sort of roleplaying background from similar sort of games. The point of the survey is to see what people think of roleplaying communities and servers that have popped in the past, and those that are currently present. Overall with the previous roleplaying communities that have cropped up in MTA, not many have stuck around and generally lasted a few months, if not weeks. We are planning on releasing a new roleplaying community over the coming months that is built from the ground up, using scripts that have been in development over the past few years and never publicized. It would be really great if we can get as much feedback as possible to ensure that we begin the right way, and that is getting the feedback of the community, especially those who have past roleplay experience - we want to revolve our server around what the players want. The survey takes only a few minutes, it is completely confidential and will only be reviewed by a small team. Link To Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/r3JMKsuZb6rLOmya2 We want to make it absolutely clear that this community will revolve around what the players want, and giving each and everyone a fair chance just as the next. We promise the most healthy criminal roleplaying biome, and a fair share of concentration put into legal roleplay to keep everyone happy. Past and present communities in our opinion have failed in keeping all sides happy, or focusing too much on one end, this is where the voice of the players will help in making sure we stick to the right track. A system will be put in place to ensure continuous development of the community and community rules based on player feedback to maintain stability and prevent an unhealthy or provocative environment. At the end of the day, we roleplay for fun and a lot of communities in the past have lost touch with that grasp and it has become too much about competition, assets, social status, or superiority over another. This topic should serve as a discussion ground for what you think about a new community being started. Considering the fact that MTA is an old game and we're seeing GTA:V clients in continuous development, do you think it's still possible for a new community to take off? Is a new roleplay server ideal for MTA, or are you comfortable with what there already is? What would you like to see in a roleplay server that hasn't been attempted before, or previously never worked out? What are your experiences with roleplaying on MTA? What did you like/dislike? Thanks for reading!
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