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  1. xD xD

    Question about dead peds

    Everyone knows that there is a bug that occurs when there is a dead ped, and if you are not around at the time of your death, the ped can bug and stand (even dead) The question is: is there any way to fix this? maybe creating some kind of loop? Pic: https://prnt.sc/nbs67g
  2. xD xD

    DestroyElement issue

    I use it to check if localplayers cursor is inside gui, i add event to mouse enter, and setup variable to true, and on mouseleave change the variable to false, but if the cursor is inside gui, and the gui get destroyed, the event isnt triggered, any other way to do it different to this? Im using if variable then variable = false end Before destroying the gui
  3. xD xD

    DestroyElement issue

    When using destroyElement in GUI widgets, doesnt trigger event onClientMouseLeave if the cursor is inside the destroyed element, please fix
  4. xD xD

    Replace Bug after update

    when update mta to version "1.5.6-9.16413.0" some replaces has bugging, look at this, i just want to know whats happening http://prntscr.com/mnt6wq
  5. xD xD

    Help me with my download screen

    try to change resourceRoot to root in onClientResourceStart event
  6. xD xD

    Buying vehicle skin download compactor

    To compact or lock file compiling?
  7. xD xD

    whats the error in this code?

    maybe the problem is in your texture or dff model
  8. Boa noite, poderia me dizer onde está o setElementData que seta o "load_notLogin" pro player?
  9. xD xD

    Mask Bug

    what is the problem
  10. xD xD

    Error loading image @dxDrawImage

    yeah, yesterday 10 players who was bugged earlier joined the server to help me to test, and nobody get the bug again xdxdxdxd im so happy now, thnx
  11. xD xD

    Error loading image @dxDrawImage

    Hi bro, how are u? i think its already fixed, im using now dxCreateTexture, but i think the real problem was the getImage function (was inside an shared file)
  12. xD xD

    Error loading image @dxDrawImage

    its working so good, the only one problem is at the line 20, local filePath... the table returns the filename without the file extension, so i used filepath = 'imagens/'..descricoes[name]..'.png' and its working, thnx, but i dont know if the real problem is fixed too with dxCreateTexture Hi loki, how are u? i didnot know this command, so i didnt tested it when the error appears, but using the userful function from iiyama, the problem is fixed for now, but ill still here seeing the memstat, thnx so much bro. guys, im thinking here... the table is in an shared type archive, the problem could be here?
  13. xD xD

    Error loading image @dxDrawImage

    i use too many tables to do it, wait just a little --\\this is inside a for, and getImage is an userful function that takes the item name and returns the image filefrom other table --\\code in onclientrender to show image **** itens[indexSelected][pageSelected] is the name of item taken from other table. dxDrawImage (screenW *0.2000+i*screenW*0.0630, screenH * 0.31, screenW * 0.0615, screenH * 0.0917, getImage(itens[indexSelected][pageSelected][i])..'.png', 0, 0,0 ) --\\userful function getImage (used to return the filename using the itemname) function getImage(name) if not descricoes[name] then return 'imagens/error' end return 'imagens/'..descricoes[name].img end --\\ table descricoes. (used in getImage function) descricoes = { --// CRAFTING PAGE 1 \\-- ['Machado'] = {img = 'machado', desc = 'Usado para facilitar a coleta de madeira.'}, ['all the others items'] = {img = 'xxx', description = 'item description.'}, }
  14. xD xD

    How to put Time to get a command

    this isnt the correct page to do this ask, but you can try to use setTimer like this timer = {} --\\ create a table for all timers function fix (playerSource) if isTimer(timer[playerSource]) then return outputChatBox("Wait just a litte.",playerSource) end --\\ send an error msg to player, if he is spamming local interval = 15000 --\\ set up the interval in milliseconds local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (playerSource) if theVehicle and getVehicleController ( theVehicle ) == playerSource then fixVehicle (theVehicle) outputChatBox ("Your vehicle has been repaired !" , thePlayer) timer[playerSource] = setTimer(function(playerSource) --\\ finally create the timer when player type the command. timer[playerSource] = nil end,interval,1,playerSource) end end addCommandHandler ("repair" , fix)