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  1. Long execution

    agroupTitles = {} aperTitles = {} con = dbConnect("sqlite", ":/registry.db") function isPlayerManager(plr) if getElementData(plr,"admin.number") > 2 then return true end return false end function loadgTitles() dbExec(con, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS groupTitles ('group', 'text')") dbExec(con, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS perTitles ('account', 'text')") dbQuery(makeTitles, {}, con, "SELECT * FROM groupTitles") dbQuery(makpeTitles, {}, con, "SELECT * FROM perTitles") end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, loadgTitles) function makeTitles(titleQuery) groupTitles = dbPoll(titleQuery, 222222) for i, titleData in ipairs(groupTitles) do if (titleData) then local num = #groupTitles + 1 groupTitles[num] = { titleData["group"], titleData["text"] } outputDebugString("1") end end end function makpeTitles(perQuery) perTitles = dbPoll(perQuery, 222222) for i, perData in ipairs(perTitles) do if (perData) then local num = #perTitles + 1 perTitles[num] = { perData["account"], perData["text"] } outputDebugString("2") end end end function specials () local bool = exports.CIGcrimboss:isPlayerBoss(client) triggerClientEvent("CIGCustomTitles.unlockBoss",client,bool) end addEvent("CIGCustomTitles.getData", true) addEventHandler("CIGCustomTitles.getData", root, specials) function save () local ct = getElementData(source,"ct") setAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source),"ctitle",ct) local r = getElementData(source,"r2") setAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source),"rrgb",r) local g = getElementData(source,"g2") setAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source),"grgb",g) local b = getElementData(source,"b2") setAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source),"brgb",b) end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit",root,save) addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout",root,save) function save2 (_,acc) local ct = tostring(getAccountData(acc,"ctitle")) setElementData(source,"ct",ct) local rr = tostring(getAccountData(acc,"rrgb")) setElementData(source,"r2",rr) local bb = tostring(getAccountData(acc,"brgb")) setElementData(source,"b2",bb) local gg = tostring(getAccountData(acc,"grgb")) setElementData(source,"g2",gg) local name = getAccountName(acc) triggerClientEvent(source,"CIGcustomTitles.addTitles",source,name) end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",root,save2) function onplayerlo () local acc = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(client)) for i, col in ipairs(agroupTitles) do local thename = col[1] if thename == getElementData(client,"g") then triggerClientEvent(client,"CIGcustomTitles.addATitle",client,col[2]) outputDebugString("4") end end end addEvent("CIGcustomTitles.checkGroup",true) addEventHandler("CIGcustomTitles.checkGroup",root,onplayerlo) function onplayerl () local acc = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(client)) for i, col in ipairs(aperTitles) do local thename = col[1] if thename == acc then triggerClientEvent(client,"CIGcustomTitles.addATitle",client,col[2]) outputDebugString("5") end end end addEvent("CIGcustomTitles.checkTitle",true) addEventHandler("CIGcustomTitles.checkTitle",root,onplayerl)
  2. Error

    No work @raynner
  3. Error

    Error:local isWorking = exports.CIGbusiness:getPlayerWorkingStatus(player) or false function: function viewMyJobInfo(player, key) if (getResourceFromName("CIGjobs") and getResourceState(getResourceFromName("CIGjobs")) == "running") then if (exports.CIGjobs:getPlayerJob(player) == "Pilot") then return end if (exports.CIGjobs:getPlayerJob(player) == "Trucker") then return end if (exports.CIGbusiness:getPlayerJob(player) == "Criminales") then return end if (exports.CIGbusiness:getPlayerJob(player) == "Serial Killer") then return end if (exports.CIGjobs:getPlayerJob(player) == "Farmer") then return end end if (isPedDead(player)) then return end local account = getPlayerAccount(player) if (not account) then return end local update = not key local accName = tostring(getAccountName(account)) local playerJob = exports.CIGbusiness:getPlayerJob(player) local isWorking = exports.CIGbusiness:getPlayerWorkingStatus(player) or false local jobHunt = false local bus = getBusUserData(player) if (bus) then busdata = getBusinessData(bus[1]) busStr = "Business Name: "..tostring(bus[1]).." | Employees: "..tostring(busdata[1]).." | Total Worth: "..tostring(busdata[2]) else bus = {"", 0} busStr = "Business Name: N/A | Employees: N/A | Total Worth: N/A" end local invite = getPlayerBusinessInvite(player) local changes = prepareBusinessMessages(bus[1]) local tasks = getPlayerTasks(player) if (not playerJob) then playerJob = "N/A" end triggerClientEvent(player, "CIGbusiness.viewMyInfo", player, accName, playerJob, isWorking, jobHunt, busStr, update, bus[2] > 0, bus[2] == 2 or bus[2] == 3, bus[2] == 3, invite, changes, tasks) end function beginViewMyJobInfo() viewMyJobInfo(client, "F3") end addEvent("CIGbusiness.vmji", true) addEventHandler("CIGbusiness.vmji", root, beginViewMyJobInfo)