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  1. Probably here: float value = (color.r + color.g + color.b) / 3; You should replace 3 with var and set this var value from your script.
  2. Didn't quite understand you. First you replace original 355 model with invisible model. Then you replace 2965(for example) model with AK model. Then you replace 2966(for example) model with AK CAMO model. When you want to give someone weapon you do giveWeapon(30) then createObject with model object ID of weapon of choice(2965 normal ak OR 2966 camo) and then attach thath object to player hand.
  3. You should replace original AK model with invisible model and replace any usable object model with model of camo AK. Then you give player weapon(with invisible model) and attach camo AK model to his hand while he uses AK.
  4. You can add original ak as custom weapon. You replace objects with weapon skins and attach them to your hand.
  5. You can make it a lot easier. Just make original weapon invisible(by editing txd) and then or attach object or attach weapon.
  6. I'd try something with OnClientRender, GetCursorPosition and SetElementPosition.
  7. Any exapmles with performance before and after?
  8. Make default weapons invisible by txd or other ways, use bone_attach resource to add models of "weapons" and attach them to hands, mute default sounds and add sounds by OnClientPlayerWeaponFire and then add custom damage and etc through scripting.
  9. Make original weapons invisible by making txd invisible. Attach object of custom weapon by using bone_attach resource.
  10. I can suggest you to not use few timers, but one timer with 1 sec duration and multiple times to execute and some if's inside function. local timerN = 0 function someFunction() timerN = timerN + 1 if timerN == 1 then print("3") elseif timerN == 2 then print("2") elseif timerN == 3 then print("1") elseif timerN == 3 then print("GO") timerN = 0 end end setTimer(someFunction, 1000, 4)
  11. Try this.
  12. I just watched one or two videos like "Lua in hour" and then looked through some source codes of resources and mta scripts, then tried to write what i needed.
  13. I can only give this tutorial on russian. And you could try this modified kams script, i saw it has something with vertex colors.