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  1. those are betas of gta3 cars all but 2 are in the game and in vc an sa
  2. WOW dragon your the biggest asshole arent u i just was making a suggestion but whatever um i ditin mean giv him all the good weaps butwhatever man if your gonna be a bitch thas ur problem


    replace the racer with a different skin plz and hook it up with some kool weapons 2 heres my idea... tommy vercetti(mr V skin) occupation: caine slinger spawn:stadium mode:ffa weapons: katana,flamethrower,remote detonaters,colt python (oh yea and add minigun sniper an r. launcher plz )
  4. WOW u let me find this topic well im pretty good @ heli killing cept when i do it its an art form ask any KFC thats seen me i can pick off a ULK in a crowd of KFCs without breaking a sweat if u dont belive me try me out
  5. umm look cops????? http://www.thegamersalliance.com/ss/mtascreen-6236.jpg http://www.thegamersalliance.com/ss/mtascreen-6187.jpg http://www.thegamersalliance.com/ss/mtascreen-5687.jpg[/url]
  6. 503ganjaman was impersonating kung earlier this evening thus crispy and i pwned him accordingly however it upsets me to a high degree that nothing is done about this other than crunch and i making him our bitch for 2 hours i mean i want like a responce from an admin an mta team member or something because i strongly believe that any and all namejackers should be brutaly penalized for any namejacking they do and whatever brutality is unleashed upon ganja or anyone else for that matter is justified
  7. lol thats the site mi gangs on check it out gangsofgta.com
  8. well what do u mean what we hav now thers no real action just word with the mta ladder thing and i nee premission so i don piss the team off
  9. hi every1 im proposing a un-official gang league 4 mta however i need some feedback and premission from the mta team and others thanx
  10. lol i had 148 kills 1 tyme in 2 hrs or so but ditin git a pic lol
  11. lol im wit u man but seriosly if the spawn campings were cut out every1 would be all spread out and the game would be realy and truly desolate so im remaining neutral on this topic
  12. hey im gonna git a lil bit off subject but keva who is that chic on ur icon thing??? da daa daaaaaaaaamn
  13. ok im gonna make this simple...dont ask how 2 cheat on mta forums!!!!!
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