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    No such mod installed (deathmatch)

    Thank you for your help! Appreciate it.
  2. GonzaloUY

    No such mod installed (deathmatch)

    That did it, thanks! Was it an issue on my end or was it MTA related?
  3. GonzaloUY

    No such mod installed (deathmatch)

    @ccw https://upload.mtasa.com/u/336610808/Logfile.PML_
  4. GonzaloUY

    No such mod installed (deathmatch)

    (Cannot edit original post, so adding as a reply) Before it's asked, here's my MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/238843343
  5. GonzaloUY

    No such mod installed (deathmatch)

    I've come accross this old error recently, but none of the existing solutions have worked. I have tried: Reinstalling GTA & MTA Trying the latest Nightly Running both GTA & MTA as Admin Running in Compatibitlity Mode Created a new Windows User Account Replacing my deatmatch folder Replacing only client.dll And none of the above have worked. I am running the latest MTA stable version now, in Windows 10. Antivirus is installed and enabled, and before posting this I've also ran an analysis on my computer to ensure no virus is causing this issue. As requested by @ccw I am posting this here. Any tips at all will be appreciated!