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  1. gubi

    [Help] item funcion

    Thats literally what i wrote.
  2. You need to include also .TXD from SA-MP files (gta3.img as far as i remember). For example for object 'MBridge150m1.dff' you need cs_ebridge.txd, you can check which TXD you need by typing model name/id over here. , fe. MBridge150m1
  3. If you don't have textures and model don't use one of the built-in then obviously they are white, can you give me SAMP objects ID's of those models?
  4. gubi

    [Help] item funcion

    Well, if i understood you properly, you want to allow this function to work, only if you have this item with ID 88? If soo then just add it in first IF statement. if not gpsBlips[playerID] and, 88) then Also, you need to change localPlayer to player element.
  5. Did you included all .txd files also?
  6. Well, i wouldn't suggest to do it with rendertargets, because if you have lots of cars players can ran out of memory. Just create an texture with dxCreateTexture and apply it on the vehicle. If you need any help feel free to ask here or at our Discord.
  7. Tutaj masz w sumie gotowy kod oraz opis: Jeśli masz jakieś pytania to pisz tutaj, lub na Discordzie (najszybciej uzyskasz pomoc)
  8. gubi


    Nie, nie dostaniesz bana. Swoją drogą mamy tu polskie działy gdzie możesz zadawać pytania, lub bardziej żywy i szybszy Discord:
  9. Once again, im not really sure source which he stolen and singed as his, but it's for sure made in 2015-2016 Stolen: Source (this is reupload, proof in spoiler): Hope it's enough to ban him already.
  10. I am not the author of this resource but I feel the need to report. I hope that the he will be punished for it, because this is not the first time as we can see above, he was still going like it's his resource. He is known from stealing (mainly from Russians forums) resources and posting as his. Stolen (he changed all the infos in meta.xml's to his): Original:
  11. Oh yeah, fixed, thanks man
  12. It's doesn't work anymore as far as i know. If you want to move to MTA you will need to learn Lua, this language is very easy soo shouldn't be a big deal if you have experience with other languages.
  13. Yeah seems like it's working only on root/player, unlucky
  14. Hi, I was testing fetchRemote function and decide to create script that's gonna load map from cloud / URL. I added some settings soo you can create the whole system out of this few lines of code. Also this resource is gonna need access to 'fetchRemote' function, simply add it in ACL and you can use it. There are 2 maps added so you can test it out. local customMapsRawData = { ["Trash on Grove Street"] = { ["active"] = true, -- is map enabled or not ["link"] = "", -- link to text file which contain whole data of your .map file ["visibleTo"] = getRootElement(), -- element which should see the map, can be player/getRootElement() ["annoucment"] = true, -- if set to true will annouce on chat that map has been loaded }, ["Shop on Grove Street"] = { ["active"] = false, ["link"] = "", ["visibleTo"] = getRootElement(), ["annoucment"] = false, } } local function createMapFromRawData(data, error, mapName, annoucment, visibleTo) if error == 0 then loadMapData(xmlLoadString(data), visibleTo) outputDebugString("Map "..mapName.." has been loaded!") if annoucment == true then outputChatBox("Map "..mapName.." has been loaded!", root, 0,255,0) end else outputDebugString("Map "..mapName.." failed while loading! Check if link is valid!", 3) end end local function loadCustomMaps() if not hasObjectPermissionTo(getThisResource(), "fetchRemote", true) then outputDebugString("This resource needs access to \"fetchRemote\" in ACL!", 1) return end for mapName, mapData in pairs(customMapsRawData) do if mapData["active"] == true then fetchRemote(mapData["link"], createMapFromRawData, "", false, mapName, mapData["annoucment"], mapData["visibleTo"]) end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), loadCustomMaps)