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  1. Yeah seems like it's working only on root/player, unlucky
  2. Hi, I was testing fetchRemote function and decide to create script that's gonna load map from cloud / URL. I added some settings soo you can create the whole system out of this few lines of code. Also this resource is gonna need access to 'fetchRemote' function, simply add it in ACL and you can use it. There are 2 maps added so you can test it out. local customMapsRawData = { ["Trash on Grove Street"] = { ["active"] = true, -- is map enabled or not ["link"] = "", -- link to text file which contain whole data of your .map file ["visibleTo"] = getRootElement(), -- element which should see the map, can be player/getRootElement() ["annoucment"] = true, -- if set to true will annouce on chat that map has been loaded }, ["Shop on Grove Street"] = { ["active"] = false, ["link"] = "", ["visibleTo"] = getRootElement(), ["annoucment"] = false, } } local function createMapFromRawData(data, error, mapName, annoucment, visibleTo) if error == 0 then loadMapData(xmlLoadString(data), visibleTo) outputDebugString("Map "..mapName.." has been loaded!") if annoucment == true then outputChatBox("Map "..mapName.." has been loaded!", root, 0,255,0) end else outputDebugString("Map "..mapName.." failed while loading! Check if link is valid!", 3) end end local function loadCustomMaps() if not hasObjectPermissionTo(getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), "fetchRemote", true) then outputDebugString("This resource needs access to \"fetchRemote\" in ACL!", 1) return end for mapName, mapData in pairs(customMapsRawData) do if mapData["active"] == true then fetchRemote(mapData["link"], createMapFromRawData, "", false, mapName, mapData["annoucment"], mapData["visibleTo"]) end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), loadCustomMaps)
  3. Take a look at Slothbot i never used it with cars, soo im not sure if it is even possible, if not then you will need to write AI yourself, which is not easy at all, considering that you are posting in a forum, you have no idea about it, it is not worth the final result at all, because making such a resource is very difficult.
  4. Are you sure you have the car in the database? Add something like that to check whether the databse is empty or not: if #results > 0 then -- #results means how many rows are in the table, if rows are more then 0 then... -- code if the database IS NOT empty else outputDebugString("Vehicles database is EMPTY") -- outputs warning in debugmode (/debugscript 3) end
  5. 1. Yes: setLowLODElement 2. EngineSetModelLODDistance
  6. It happens in loadAllVehicles or in createVehicleForPlayer?
  7. You need to replace the in-game gun model and textures with invibisble one, considering it is an DayZ gamemode i think this files should be inside, if no google it, this thread were few times on forum.
  8. Make an island on the water like an Alcatraz
  9. You want peds to drive across the LS in bus? That's what you mean? I would really not recommend that because of optimalization, and im not sure if it is even possible to make.
  10. Of course it changes the size. Original file size: 3.07 MB (random generated text) encodeString: 3.07 MB encodeString with base64: 4.10 MB teaEncode: 4.10 MB teaEncode with base64: 5.46 MB
  11. gubi

    Cant join any server

    Find out the installation folder of NetLimiter 4 on your computer, you are looking for uninstall.exe or unins000.exe, run it and restart your computer. If the problem is not resolved you will have to clear the register of this program.
  12. Works for me, show your meta.xml file.
  13. gubi

    Help pls D:

    if isObjectInACLGroup(aclGetGroup("Admin,Moderator,Owner")) then change it to: if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Owner")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Moderator")) then
  14. Sewer taktyczny w klimatach Nazistowskich, oparty na gamemodzie 'Tactics r20'. Kilka dodatków z ostanich aktualizacji: • System rang - na serwerze jest 18 rang, awansujemy zdobywając zabójstwa. Rangi wraz z wymaganymi zabójstwami: • Debug monitor - panel statystyk wyświetlający ilość zabójstw, zabójstw w głowę, śmierci, rangę, aktualne miejsce w rankingu i kilka dodatkowych informacji: • Panel TOP15 wyświetlający pierwszych piętnastu graczy z największą ilością zabójstw. Pierwszego dnia każdego miesiąca następuje reset statystyk, pierwsze 3 osoby z największą ilością osób otrzymują nagrody. • Główna mapa na, której zwykle odbywa się rozgrywka (jest ich więcej, również jest kilka w trakcie tworzenia): • Skiny pasujące do klimatu gry. • Ranga VIP posiadająca wyróżniające się skiny oraz napis VIP nad głową (nowe dodatki dla rangi VIP są w trakcie tworzenia) To tyle w tej prezentacji, zapraszam na discord (nowy) serwera: Oraz na sam serwer: mtasa://