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  1. uhh congrats I guess you bitches
  2. yeah shame. i was enjoying tr
  3. whoops havent had a chance to say good luck and shit to this clan. well good luck koq. i love you bio!1
  4. uh I thought it was against :RA:
  5. Stop the flaming you bastards. Why dont you guys spam instead.
  6. Xc0n

    My SIG ownz you all

    bullshit my sig owns
  7. Xc0n

    *TLR* CLAN

    good luck with TLR darlings
  8. I want to see the movie already. Mostly because of the XXX scenes (hopefully with goats and old ladies)
  9. Nice...I can keep it in the air, but turning is a bitch for me.
  10. Xc0n


    For me I had to change the client version from 1.1 to 1.0 for it to start working again.
  11. Good luck with the clan..
  12. Here are the pics I took of our HD VC base. Entrance: Screen: It has a volleyball Screen:
  13. http://s4.invisionfree.com/Hotdogclan/ I'll add you both to be moderator or whatever.
  14. When I got this I changed the client version from 1.1 to 1.0 and it I didnt get the error again.
  15. During a spawn war with them I got accuse of pausing. Left before I got kicked.
  16. Xc0n


    There's an anti crash program which you should download. It's linked somewhere in the forums...
  17. I will hunt you down and lick your balls if it works for me. Me crashing every minute aint nice.
  18. I had this problem and I switched to verson 1.1 to 1.0 and the problem was fixed for me.
  19. Xc0n


    Uhm the only new weapon I know of is the katana held by the 'secret service' character
  20. omg stop fucking spamming death
  21. Xc0n


    Remember, if you own these guys then you are a cheater. You dont own them unless you want to be a cheater.
  22. Why do you care so much for the hackers?
  23. Yes the swear blocks are kind of lame. I had a pretty high score in 10 player suddenly I said 'Heh you bitch'. Then kicked.
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