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  1. As the title, what is the default login system for default server? I deleted all resource load from mtaserver.conf but still /login /register works.. Thanks.
  2. Yah, I always prefer work w server side, I never trust client... Thanks for the reply! I hope so...
  3. Hello, I'm new in MTA scripting. I just checked zombies script by Slothman and I see server triggers punch in client and my question starts. What happens if client edits the script, someone gonna comment all punch action code lines than mean zombies don't attack him... Is it possible? It must be possible, the server doesn't calculate health... I didn't see any set element health code in server... Waiting for answers thanks.
  4. I want to drive cars from the server, mean cars are moving without non-player control.. Is it possible? I mean cars are spawned and drive automatically from the server.. Thanks
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