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  1. Hi guys , My problem is that when i enter gta:sa every sound in it works well , but when i enter mta:sa i can't hear anything ... Help asap please!
  2. Dinaz

    pcre3.dll problem

    already did , the file got a virus in it .. my antivirus un-istall it when i download mta...
  3. Dinaz

    pcre3.dll problem

    but he doesnt even have pcre3 to be blocked that problem just happend to me now he just need the file...
  4. Dinaz

    Map not loading in

    can u tell me how did ya fix the problem ?
  5. Dinaz

    Drift Mta

    lemme show ya the drift god
  6. Dinaz

    Can't see Buildings

    Dear users , i can't see buildings in some servers Screens