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  1. Flaqko

    Lock your car

    function lockcar ( thePlayer ) playervehicle = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) -- define 'playervehicle' as the vehicle the player is in if ( playervehicle ) then -- if a player is in a vehicle if isVehicleLocked ( playervehicle ) then -- and if the vehicle is already locked setVehicleLocked ( playervehicle, false ) -- unlock it else -- otherwise (if it isn't locked) setVehicleLocked ( playervehicle, true ) -- lock it end end end function bindLockOnSpawn ( theSpawnpoint ) -- when a player spawns bindKey ( source, "l", "down", "Lock car", lockcar ) -- bind the 'l' key to the 'lockcar' function end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), bindLockOnSpawn ) -- add an event handler for onPlayerSpawn I made that into a lua script from the wiki but it doesnt work. i am a noob but i really want to learn what i am doing wrong. I have been modding gta sa with cleo for years but i want to start using lua. I am trying to make a lua script for moon loader for locking your vehicle using the L key for a cop wont be able to arrest you for example PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE.
  2. Flaqko

    Parked Cars

    yes that is exactly what i want! I don't understand what you mean by attach it to a resource. So the recourse is like main() or what? Is there an actual tutorial anywhere? With cleo this was easy because all i had to do was copy and paste that cleo script and changed the vehicles and coordinates.
  3. Flaqko

    Parked Cars

    is there a way to add more parked cars with a lua script? something like with cleo 014B: $BSX01 = init_parked_car_generator #ADD_CAR color -1 -1 -1 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 at X Y Z angle A014C: set_parked_car_generator 1@ cars_to_generate_to 101 except by lua instead. Please. any help will very much be appreciated!