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  1. if you wanna save your client site , then complete all of your script with luac.
  2. @ByCash yararli paylaşım paşarılarınızın devami dileriz, dx de iyiyseniz sizinle iletişime geçe bilirmiyimi lütfen discord varsa
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  5. Başarılarınızın devamını dilerim iyi şanslar.
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    Players on radar

    =====NOTE THERE IS ONLY CLIEND SIDE=== For team use this function. allowedTeams = { ["Test"] = true, } and if allowedTeams[getElementData(source, "team")] then ------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Settings variables local textFont = "default-bold" -- The font of the tag text local textScale = 1 -- The scale of the tag text local heightPadding = 1 -- The amount of pixels the tag should be extended on either side of the vertical axis local widthPadding = 1 -- The amount of pixels the tag should be extended on either side of the horizontal axis local xOffset = 8 -- Distance between the player blip and the tag local minAlpha = 10 -- If blip alpha falls below this, the tag won't the shown local textAlpha = 255 local rectangleColor = tocolor(0,0,0,230) -- Other variables local floor = math.floor local w,h = guiGetScreenSize() local function drawMapStuff() if isPlayerMapVisible() then local sx,sy,ex,ey = getPlayerMapBoundingBox() -- Map positions local mw,mh = ex-sx,sy-ey -- Map width/height local cx,cy = (sx+ex)/2,(sy+ey)/2 -- Center position of the map local ppuX,ppuY = mw/6000,mh/6000 -- Pixels per unit local fontHeight = dxGetFontHeight(textScale,textFont) -- Height of the specified font local yOffset = fontHeight/2 -- How much pixels the tag should be offsetted at local blips = getElementsByType("blip") for k,v in ipairs(blips) do local attached=getElementAttachedTo(v) if isElement(attached) and getElementType(attached)=="player" then local px,py = getElementPosition(attached) -- Player's position local x = floor(cx+px*ppuX+xOffset) -- X for the nametag local y = floor(cy+py*ppuY-yOffset) -- Y for the nametag local pname = getPlayerName(attached) -- Player name local nameLength = dxGetTextWidth(pname,textScale,textFont) -- Width of the playername local r,g,b = getPlayerNametagColor(attached) -- Player's nametag color local _,_,_,a = getBlipColor(v) -- Blip alpha if a>minAlpha then dxDrawRectangle(x-widthPadding,y+heightPadding,nameLength+widthPadding*2,fontHeight-heightPadding*2,rectangleColor,false) dxDrawText(pname,x,y,x+nameLength,y+fontHeight,tocolor(r,g,b,textAlpha),textScale,textFont,"left","top",false,false,false) end end end end end addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(),drawMapStuff)
  7. No one can help you with your stolen script.
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