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  1. OwlGaming Romania

    ați greșit serveru baieții mei
  2. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    No, I don't want that. I want to switch a tab and trigger another window that will be created in that tab.
  3. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Have you solved something?
  4. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    How about to switch to a tab that has a function? I tried: addEventHandler("onDgsTabPanelTabSelect", tabFinance, loadFinance) but doesn't works. On wiki hasn't a description and I thought it will work. Can you help me? And also cannot write on an edit.
  5. Problema la Job

    cough cough
  6. Problema la Job

    Salut! Este pe serverul tău sau te referi la un alt server? În cazul în care te referi la un alt server, contactează un administrator de acolo .