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  1. We dont have a member named Jeff. More than likely someone wanting to start trouble ? Maybe you shouldnt have took the bait.
  2. Damo

    XE - Xtreme Elites

    Dual core doesnt really help much at all in gaming
  3. Yeah sorry Bump. That was a quote from Blokker, they all sound so similar suprisingly Maybe I did get abit annoyed but with good reason and yeah i do agree, at least its fixed now. Its a damn good script and we would be lost without it.
  4. EDIT - My bad Oli, sorry. Its working great now.
  5. Like threatening to ban my account and discarding my posts when I was complaining about Oli breaking into our server ? Give me a break plz. Im not attacking anybody but c'mon - A guy named Mark on IRC did it No reports of "Mark" using the passowrds, only person who has used these passwords to use Admin on servers is Oli so please get off my back MTA Team, wake up ffs open ur eyes. Edit - Stop deleting my posts plz I thought the potnoodle joke about blaming Big Dave was quite amusing. Shame some of u have no sense of humour.
  6. If you didnt break into our server and kick my admins - MAYBE people would have given u a chance, listened to your side of the story. Remeber VCES Server ? You had a great time terrorising them, gaining their passwords. You fvcked up, simple as and its all crumbling around you. Gratz.
  7. Oli DO NOT lock this thread again, we would like to discuss this with each other. I clearly stated; Dont try and worm your way out of this one Oli. Really ? Are you sure about that ? How can you remove someones admin access when they have constant access to your passwords without your permission ? Blokker - Let this be a lesson to you, you are not superior to me in any way. Maybe im a noob that plays MTA so im not entitled to an opinion cos im not in BLASTA or on the Team - Wrong, my opinion matters and its a shame its come to this. Oli - Well done you've made a complete spectacl
  8. Not many of our members are interested in CSS so there wasnt much point in keeping it up. Seems like everyones getting sick of MTA VC too, I think we need MTA SA
  9. bah, forget it. Ive request a mod locks this thread. Thx guys.
  10. Our server has always been busy. The regulars love our server but the problem is people like CeoZ, we dont want them in our server. Your clan broke our server rules repeatedly, they got abused for it. Deal ith it or dont break the rules. Now our entire clans made up form 12yr old's - thanks for that m8. Not sure what I've done to deserve this tbh, ive tried to be as fair as possible and thats why our server has been so popular in the past. Me and the other 2 leaders havent been on MTA as much recently but we try to keep an eye on whats going on and we do read the logs to make sure everyo
  11. CeoZ you were already banned from our server for; Glitching Modding Pausing You were unbanned, you gave all the "stfu, u suxor cokzor" w/e n u got a tempban. Now your permanently banned because your an ass and you disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in our server. We have a peaceful server, PCP for example got the kick for refusing to speak English. If you feel an admin was otu of line you post on our banned forum, and it does get handled. People will vouch for that. Now posting here CeoZ you've encouraged the noobs to like ReSeT to spam with their uber pwner bullshit. This thread will end
  12. C'mon Oli spare the bull m8. Nobody made you admin. One of our members who has the pass gave it to you months ago to help him one time with the script. You kept the pass, somewhere safe and helped yourself to our server when the time came. You were given that pass because we thought you as the creator of GRS and member of the MTA Team could be trusted. I posted here thinking that you had done something wrong. C'mon even the MTA team graced us with their crappy narrow minded and totally one sided opinions. But it seems like everybody just cant stop bumming you. Thats the idea Oli, dont come
  13. Jax maybe cos we didnt want him in the server m8 ? He's always fucking with the scripts and its annoying. Of course, I'm in the wrong here. Well. One of our members entrusted Oli with out password a long time ago and Im yet to find out if that even was the same pass as we are using. And even if Oli did have the pass - What right did he have ? Heres some more snippets (And I'm the bad guy:?) : ADMIN-KILLSERVER: First Attempt was received from 'admin14031'. KICKED: '=SGB=Dman', PlayerID = 4 by Admin admin14031 KICKED: '=SGB=SkUG', PlayerID = 11 by Admin admin14031 ***> admin140
  14. "Damo, you dont mind if i connect as admin to ur server n kick ur members do u ?" Yeah, I come to the server to find Oli has repeatedly unbanned himself from our server and kicked my members. And u expect me to come on MSN all civilised about it ? I dont think so.... When i read through the logs I was pretty shocked to see how low your level of maturity is Oli ... And you can stick that apolagy up ur ass for a start. I really dont have time for your bullshit Oli. Laters
  15. This purpose of this post is not to shame Oli or get people to "believe" me. The purpose was: - I want to know how he connected to the admin port on our server - That makes all 4 of our MTA server vulnerable to his games doesnt it ? - Why is it even possible for him to do this ? ....... - was this a bug he exploited or are ALL members of the MTA Team able to abuse your server at any given time ? - This is acceptable behaviour for a member of the MTA Team ? Well, your denying it Oli so now I'm just assuming that you know you've done something wrong. Which is good.
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