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  1. Hi, how to remove 'The Latest News' in the source of the game? And is there any way to block the entrance to other servers by checking by IP?
  2. But the dimensions are the same, I compared
  3. Hello! Please tell me, after compiling the client and inserting the picture under the background, a black bar appeared below, is it possible to fix it and how? And another question is whether it is possible to somehow remove the remaining inscriptions from the "The Latest News" where it says "1.5.6 Released..."
  4. Hello! After the assembly, a lot of errors take off. Still, where you pointed out CGUI.ccp, there is only MTA:SA and then some kind of variable, indicating the version of the assembly. Help please? On the wiki already climbed, on the Internet and YouTube too. No result
  5. Hello. Each MTA server has its own version, for example 1.5.5. It is signed in the lower right corner as: MTA: SA 1.5.5. And I want to make it so that I had my own example: MTA: Symphony RolePlay 0.1.1. In which of the files mtasa-bloeh-master do it? Only 5 folders, and in a lot of different files, try to find yourself naturally. And spend about 5 hours searching for all of these files. It is better to ask others the same And how to make your version from the server? For example, if the usual MTA is 1.5.5, then I want to do 1.5n for the server so that others can not log in from the r
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