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  1. Yeah I know that but is there anything to fix it? Re-install or something?
  2. When I'm aiming down the sight with a Tec9 or Uzi and I strafe left/right my head dissapears. After I did even when I fire while I'm standing still my head and arms dissapear. A friend of mine had it too but not anymore so it looks like a common problem. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  3. ... dComponent You'll need to script with it though. Are those commands for the console? If my friend will enter those commands in the console they will show/hide? Or does he need to change something else?
  4. Does anyone know of these commands?
  5. No that one is still there. Just the upper right corner dissapeared.
  6. Yeah he re-installed MTA. Didn't install GTA SA though because on SAMP his health was right there.
  7. Alright so my friend has a problem and I thought it would be smart to post it here. Since today his healthbar, armorbar, timebar, weapon logo and moneybar have dissapeared (All the things in the upper right corner). It works fine on SAMP but not on any of the MTA servers. Is there a way to fix that?