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  1. Alright, it was my mistake... because the dbExec was still inside the for loop and thats why it was not working properly. Thanks anyway! If a moderator is here then please your can close this thread.
  2. I tried every possible solution but still its not working.
  3. Thank You, i appreciate your answer and also thanks for the tips!
  4. Greetings People! I have a little problem with my Login Panel, because if i click on the Register button then nothing happens. I just tested my MySQL connection too , but its shows that the Connection is good and nothing comes out in the Debugscript either. If anyone can help me with this then Thank you! --Here is the Code for the Register function Server Side function registerReq(player, username, password, email) local password = md5(password) local regQuery = dbPoll(dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM accounts"),-1) if regQuery then for _, rows in ipairs(regQuery) do if rows["username"] == username then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Ezzel a felhasználóval már regisztráltak!", "error") return end if rows["serial"] == getPlayerSerial(source) then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Az adott Serial már regisztrálva van!", "error") return end insertinfo = dbExec(connection, "INSERT INTO accounts SET username = ?, password = ?, ip = ?, serial = ?, email = ?, banned='0', online='0', regdate=NOW()", username, password, getPlayerIP(source), getPlayerSerial(source), email, banned, online, regdate) if insertinfo then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Sikeres regisztráció!", "success") else exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Valami hiba történt, keress fel egy fejlesztöt!", "error") end end end end addEvent("registerReq", true) addEventHandler("registerReq", getRootElement(), registerReq) -- This is the code for Client Side function regregisterClick(button, state) if button == "left" and state == "down" then if source == regregbutton then if string.len(DGS:dgsGetText(reguseredit)) < 5 then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("A felhasználónév minimum 5 karakterböl kell állnia!", "error") return end if string.len(DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit)) < 6 then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("A jelszó minimum 6 karakterböl kell állnia!", "error") return end if DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit) ~= DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit2) then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("A két megadott jelszó nem egyezik!", "error") return end if string.len(DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit)) < 7 then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("Az email cím minimum 7 karakterböl kell állnia!", "error") return end if not string.find(DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit), "@") and string.find(DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit), ".") then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("Kérlek adj meg egy érvényes email címet!", "error") return end if DGS:dgsGetText(reguseredit) == "" and DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit) == "" and DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit2) == "" and DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit) == "" then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("Ne hagyd üresen a mezöket!", "error") end triggerServerEvent("registerReq", localPlayer, localPlayer, DGS:dgsGetText(reguseredit),DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit),DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit2),DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit)) end end end addEventHandler("onDgsMouseClick", getRootElement(), regregisterClick)
  5. Hey! I have a little problem with rendering , because i created one Window which keeps rendering multiple windows automaticaly and it causes a lagg too. Could anyone help my please? Thank You! Here is my code also. local DGS = exports.dgs local sx,sy = guiGetScreenSize() local font1 = dxCreateFont("files/forte.ttf", 10) local font2 = dxCreateFont("files/forte.ttf", 12) local colorOne = "#00a5da" local panelState = false local lp = localPlayer function onClientJoin() setElementData(lp, "online", false) setElementData(lp, "banned", false) setElementDimension(lp, math.random(1,10000)) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("all", false) setElementFrozen(lp,true) setCameraMatrix(1282.35, -1012.79, 48.56, 1520.31, -1139.02, 191.14) showChat(false) showCursor(true) loginPanel() end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, onClientJoin) function loginPanel() if not panelState then loginwindow = DGS:dgsCreateWindow (400, 300, 250, 300, "Login Panel", false, tocolor(0,165,218,255),30,nil,tocolor(0,0,0,255),nil, tocolor(0,0,0,200), 5, true) end end I have also tried with dgsGetVisible and dgsSetVisible working out something, but its not helping.