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  1. Rockstar did not create the Mobile Version , of SA ? Outsourced , U say Wardrums , in game music/radio stations is Rockstar insecure enough that it left the responsibility over it's mobile game to a bunch of BUFF who can't spell BS correctly !
  2. The existing SA version for Mobile gaming is unlike the PS3 San Andreas REMASTERED version, how come the MOB. Gamers get the worst version for San Andreas?
  3. Why no Mob. version released, PS3 got new San Andreas remastered, why still no SA remastered for Mob. players?
  4. Incorrect. I was informed by anonymous Rucas that if U are to disable the F8 U better be a Single player. I assure U that the Mobile Edition for GTA is worse Online , the toggle touch screen controls are on a Free Roaming Cam. Angle like cobblers. U juz can't control it as easy as the console/gamepad.
  5. That is a gigantic BS here in our country i have no knowledge of existing MTASA servers, since SA-MP had gone San Andreas Underground. What surge i can only conclude a DOWNSURGE of gamers in both SA-MP/MTASA/GTAUnderground servers.
  6. MikeToreno50

    sniper aim

    IMO this glitch occurs on both MTASA game and in most mobile FPS games (touch screen) that sniper aiming is affected by the Free Roaming Cam. Angle IMO i could be incorrect !
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