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  1. Screenshot 1 Our Custommarker system:
  2. LakeGaming - Cops 'n' Robbers - MTA:SA Server Welcome to this adversting from LakeGaming. LakeGaming is a International MultiGaming Clan with a Creative Destruction Community. We creating now a MTA:SA Cops 'n' Robbers Server. This server supports languages: English WARNING: The server is underconstruction! Beta start: 06.20.2019 you want a betakey? Then get here: and click on the "Beta registration" button You are interesd? Then Join our Discord for more Infomations. Our Discord: Our Website: Our CP:
  3. DorteY

    ERROR VF #4 JR9Z

    i have same code
  4. Hello MTA:SA Community, i release my MTA:SA Zombie Apocalypse Script + Controlpanel. Download:
  5. Push: Controlpanel gibt es für 40€ Dazu.
  6. Hallo, da ich ein angefangenes Zombie Apocalypse Script habe und es verkaufe möchte, dachte ich mir, ich biete es hier zum Verkauf an, da ich mit MTA nichtsmehr zutun habe. Das Script ist 100% Selfmade. Testserver: mtasa:// Das Script Beinhaltet: - Autokauf system - Tanksystem - Inventarsystem - Adminsystem - Register/login System - Kills/Tode System - Autorespawnsystem - VIP System - GUNshopsystem - Skinshopsystem - Logsystem - Downloadmanager - Achievmentsystem - Safezonsystem - Damagesystem - Hitmarkersystem - Levelsystem - Spielstundensystem Preis: 60€ PSC/Paypal
  7. Hello MTA Community, i have a Problem with onMarkerHit Here the code: AdminbaseAllowedNames={ ["Lorenzo"]=true,} GoInAdminbaseMarker=createMarker(-2039.7,216.6,34.8,"cylinder",2,255,125,0,140) function TeleportInAdminbase_Func(player) if AdminbaseAllowedNames[getPlayerName(player)]then if isElementWithinMarker(player,GoInAdminbaseMarker)then if getPedOccupiedVehicle(player)==true then setElementFrozen(player,true) setTimer(setElementFrozen,200,1,player,false) setElementPosition(player,-2023.3,295.7,895) else setElementPosition(player,-2023.3,295.7,894.6) end end else outputChatBox("You dont have permissions!",player,255,0,0) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",GoInAdminbaseMarker,TeleportInAdminbase_Func) if a player in vehicle then a problem with: if AdminbaseAllowedNames[getPlayerName(player)]then