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  1. I like this server.
  2. #push Cops N Robbers link now available
  3. Your Open Source GameMode ( Lakeside ) Won't Work for me


  4. Hello MTA:SA community, i release now all my Selfmade Gamemodes and Scripts. INFO: You have a error, warning or otherwise? Then write me a DM(Direct Message) or Join my Discord and write a DM there. Hud (Script): Cops 'n' Robbers (Gamemode): (Updated: 25.22.1019)
  5. Add me on Discord: DorteY#3099 and write me a DM
  6. Hätte Interesse, schreib mir mal ne DM(Direct Message).
  7. Hello MTA:SA Community, i release my old Multi-language system. DL: Have Fun
  8. DorteY

    ERROR VF #4 JR9Z

    i have same code
  9. Hello MTA:SA Community, i release my MTA:SA Zombie Apocalypse Script + Controlpanel. Download: