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  1. JustinMTA

    Lock DFF Error

    For the record, the only efficient way to lock DFF's are by using TeaEncoder, or ABcompiler built by my bud @ALw7sH (Which I use because it's amazing) Most DFF's can be unlocked using RW Analyze.
  2. JustinMTA

    Brighten shader

    I managed to do in zModeler after some extensive research. Here's a sneak preview of a small portion of my infernus project for the X5 server I'm playing around with it still, but a person can imagine the possibilities.. Will have the ability to change colors, add/remove light orbs, adjust light orbs position. Light orbs will appear and tail lights will brighten as a player's using the breaks. Maybe the first time it's been done? idk But I had to rebuild the tail lights completely to do this, and managed to make them much more efficient at the same time considering the UV mapping is for specifically tail lights now instead of including a bunch of useless crap in the tail light texture.
  3. JustinMTA

    Brighten shader

    -____- I know they're transparent, look at the car, if you can't help fine. I'm asking if SOMEONE knows how to modify the .fx to brighten the image.. Thanks
  4. JustinMTA

    Brighten shader

    I built this infernus, I've got TXD workshop. The actual image in the TXD file is bright as possible. I'm just asking if anyone knows how to disable the shadows on the material basically.. Or how to brighten the actual tail lights in some sort of efficient way. Here's an example screenshot, look at the car and how bright it is..
  5. JustinMTA

    Brighten shader

    I'm trying to brighten the tail lights on the custom infernus I made using a shaders, I know it's possible in modeling programs but I haven't figured that out yet. Here's the .fx file I'm using: texture gTexture; technique vPaintjob { pass P0 { Texture[0] = gTexture; } } Thanks
  6. JustinMTA

    Importing 3d models

    They can be replaced, and all you gotta do is remove the default maps object ID's using script. It's more beneficial than not.
  7. JustinMTA

    Importing 3d models

    There's a lot of wires you can replace https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/search/?q=wire
  8. 3DS Max with Kam's exporter
  9. JustinMTA

    Custon PaintJobs

    So you want a completely working resource and aren't willing to work on them at all? I dunno, on the MTA resources you could maybe find something or post a separate topic requesting help to modify the script idk broski. If you want the same texture to work on ALL vehicles diversely without modifying the UV maps, that script I just sent you's the only way unless you wanna modify the .DFF file of every vehicle. UV map is the positioning of a texture set by the 3D modeling program. All default vehicles UV maps must be modified to work diversely with the same texture. BUT If you're trying to built specific paint jobs for each vehicles pre made UV map, that's fine too, but won't work diversely, only with specific vehicles. If you wanna avoid UV mapping or photoshopping textures according to the premade UV maps, find someone to help you work with the projected_paint script. Bro that script's insanely modifiable.
  10. JustinMTA

    Custon PaintJobs

    If you wanna make ALL default cars look really nice without modifying the UV map/DFF, use Ren712's script. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12840
  11. JustinMTA

    Custon PaintJobs

    If you're trying to use a modded vehicle you'll need to open the TXD file and locate the name of the texture on the body of the car. Default cars use vehiclegrunge256 I think.
  12. JustinMTA

    [Help] The building missing

  13. JustinMTA

    Help- panel enable/disable mods

    You could kitty script something similar from MTA resources and learn easily from it. Good luck ;D
  14. JustinMTA

    Custom skins with shaders

    I can't do it for you, but I can help you learn. Add me on Skype.