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  1. JustinMTA

    [Poll?]What would you like to see in a new map editor?

    I'm requesting an easier way to retrieve XYZ location of default GTA map objects, just like in F3 with any object, but with default GTA map. In the current editor you can copy world objects, but the location doesn't remain the same. The current editor just makes a copy of the world object + moves the location when It should remain in the default XYZ. Would be nice to be able to retrieve XYZ location of default GTA map objects without using SAMP editor or scripts to find them. Because in MTA you need the XYZ of the object on the GTA map to remove it efficiently and accurately with script. I see the copy or paste coordinates right click menu this is probably what I'm asking for unless it can't select default GTA map objects x D Here's a screenshot of how I currently retrieve the XYZ of default GTA objects for my friend.. http://prntscr.com/luv31o
  2. JustinMTA

    [HELP] Glass light problem

    You can edit the building .DFF in zModeler2 Add me on Skype if you need help
  3. JustinMTA

    Create one shader but replace multiple textures

    I see now why you have +59 reputation, lots of haha's
  4. JustinMTA

    Create one shader but replace multiple textures

    *Sighs* Okay, ask yourself what shaders actually are bro, (you're applying a texture to an object ped or vehicle) What are objects peds or vehicles created in? modeling programs. And what you're wanting here (to be done right) will always use UV mapping because the shape of peds require a lot of bending of the texture. Long story short I took a few minutes to try and find the default CJ.dff and couldn't, but I found an HD version, the HD version I found has the face, torso, and pants separated, I'm not sure if the default unmodified CJ has the them also separated, but in my honest opinion, you're probably not using the right texture names.. And it also looks like you've got a lot of unnecessary code going on also.. With some quick semi enthusiastic research you could find the answer easy bro There's countless CJ modifications on the internet you could combine all into 1 mod because they'll probably use the same UV map. You could even find a ped with skin, shirt, shoes, accessories all as separate textures... There's many out there.. There's countless shader examples you can find too. (Listen man go on Youtube and the MTA forum, use the search function/kitty script from the MTA resources and learn some things) https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources
  5. JustinMTA

    Create one shader but replace multiple textures

    Just learn to do it in a modeling program like zModeler
  6. JustinMTA

    Create one shader but replace multiple textures

    You can do it by not asking the same question over and over in different ways
  7. JustinMTA

    [HELP] (DayZ)How to add vests and helmets

    Search function bro Good luck y'all https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetPedBonePosition
  8. JustinMTA

    Vehicle Component Sync Question

    This should work. --Add to client side in meta file addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), function() theVeh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) --Your following code end )
  9. JustinMTA

    Set color of a custom texture

    You've asked this question before just throwing that out there not trying to be an ass xDDD You need to find a modeler to help you/teach you, or Youtube can be your best friend like how I mostly learned. Man sharpens man. You'll need to use zModeler or 3DS Max or Blender to either separate the textures into multiple pieces, (shirts, shoes, skin, etc) Or you can search through the 100+ thousand GTA SA custom ped models on the internet, and try to find peds with the textures already separated (which I've seen many like this). If you have questions add me on Skype and ask me (I won't do anything for you but I can teach you) Good luck bro.
  10. JustinMTA

    Hard sliding

    In SAMP people would refer to this as "desync", not sure if that's your problem though because MTA's really good about sync. To fix this in SAMP, players are teleported to an interior building and teleported back and it fixes the issue. Not sure if this will work in MTA though.
  11. JustinMTA

    Apply shader to only one rear light

    Edit the DFF.
  12. JustinMTA

    Vehicles cant be pushed by on foot.

    Or maybe you don't have an imagination xD
  13. JustinMTA

    car wheel rotation question

    getElementRotation setElementRotation
  14. JustinMTA

    In-Game creating collisions

    Lol well the most efficient way I know to do this in MTA is creating a .COL for every .DFF that requires flooring or any other collision. It all depends on how good you are at finessing the rigging ;D @CodyJ(L) might have a solution for you.
  15. JustinMTA

    Vehicles cant be pushed by on foot.

    You can find default .COL files on the net for all GTA vehicles, if I were you, I'd try loading the .COL to a trashcan object or something, then attach the trashcan to the car using attachElement, then make the trashcan invisible using .TXD or shaders, not sure if .COL created for vehicles will load to regular objects though.. If it crashes MTA you must create your own .COL file using 3DS Max or there's other programs that can create .COL as well, but harder to use in my opinion. The code above will probably work also