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  1. Enough said my ass you stupid fuck. I owned you when you testing your pethetic attempt at skills. I didn't even think that was you since you sucked so bad; that is until I saw you run up and stalk me for cheap kills, twat.
  2. Yeah, the server probably sucked ass so warping was happening.
  3. Heh heh heh. Yeah. Ok. I'll give you a day to master(bate) this new skill. Hopefully, it'll be better than your failed attempt at your other one.
  4. Yeth, very Nithe. I hope to pound your ath in the thield young man.
  5. Oh yeah. Here's some other nice pictures I found off kazaa: (this spot is reserved for a pic, my internet was too slow to get it) OMG, my internet sucks. Oh well. Some how this has to relate to MTA.
  6. Thuper duper. We have a new member.
  7. quakerjtf

    New Gang: MJFC

    MJFC is the Michael Jackson Fan Club gang. This gang owns. To qualify for this gang, you must cuss a lot, you must be racist, you must always listen to Flashback, you have to molest kids too. This gang is growing strong and needs kids and little boys to join. You must be 10 or younger. Current members: 1) ~MJFC~RApiSt (leader) 2) ~MJFC~Pedi> 3) ~MJFC~ 4) ~MJFC~Dildo 5) ~MJFC~Twat 6) ~MJFC~Billy 7) ~MJFC~Finger ~MJFC~tightass
  8. Death your full of crap. All ULKs are not equal. Only certain ones decide who gets in the gang. I remember in the war, you kicked out some of your ULK since we barely had any. That's not equal authority at all. Without some kind of leader, things don't hold together.
  9. I just laughed so hard I coughed out my throat.
  10. Go Nugget, bust out the "insult wagon."
  11. He kissed bunny? What the hell are you thinking. KFG, great story man. Jesus, that's good stuff. OMG, sweet jesus thats funny.
  12. I don't think it matters who the fuck it was. If I was wrong, at least I knew it was a ULK and took precautions. (Also, side note - If anybody is wandering, my dick is bigger. )
  13. If you look in your log, youll see I said I "was going to" own you. I have the log for when you were there and 10 minutes after since ULK-P90 was undercover as well([nWg]TEK). It's great how information just slips out.
  14. Jesus, KFG, you should a comedian, jesus. Death: 1) You did not own me last night. I have the log for proof. 2) Nugget and I were dead tired, final exams, lots of overnighters. 3) I never go around parading that I own you. Find a post where I said that and it was completely serious. People do it for me anyway. I never said I owned you, other people did.
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