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  1. 3ds Max, trying to get a good ''skin'' placement

    First of all smd, but there you go I found the answer: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/getting-started/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2015/ENU/3DSMax-Tutorial/files/GUID-5BA72891-97EC-4688-8B50-9FACCF1FF040-htm.html
  2. Yo guys, I got a little problem. I can't seem to get this right. When I try to use ''Editable Mesh, Polygon, Create'' feature. I can't get a good ''skin'' placement on the surface. It's all washed out, which means the surface is small. But is there a way around this so it will match up with the other wall? (btw I made the other wall by just changing the surface ''skin''). I'm new to 3ds max, so pls don't me harsh. 1: my problem: 2: what the skin is, 3: what it should look like. https://imgur.com/a/quNyv78 . If anyone could help me, I'd appriciate it alot, because I could not find it on google myself. Mabye im just too stupid. Anyway thanks alot. Greetings Taurus
  3. Problems with a building

    Hey, thanks for helping. You are correct. it's just one of the things of gta I guess. I got it working now with an other ID (I chose ID 2933 if you wanted to know).
  4. Problems with a building

    Hello, I got some problems with a costum building that I made, So I got 2 buildings in 1 but they are 2 different things, so I have id: 16775 as a building interior and one other building just as a building. So when I shoot at the interior building (with id 16775) the thing brakes. I looked at the panel: Breakable = false. I look in the save location of the map, it says after some random :~: Breakable: true. It doesnt only say it at that but also at non-breakable objects. but I can't break those when shooting it. Anyone facing the same problems? if so, how did you fix it? Thanks.
  5. [HELP]DayZ Itmes, Weapons & Vehicles

    hey, i know this is not the answer to your question, but would you like to team up? I got a great base protection system ans some great bases incorperated in the map. Msg me on discord: TR1ppl3#2221
  6. Got problems with .col file

    Oh, Im stupid, with mapping I ment making costum cars/skins.
  7. Got problems with .col file

    If im correct, thats with the dope sheet right?
  8. Got problems with .col file

    Yeah I do, But Im still in the learning phase.
  9. Got problems with .col file

    Hey, thanks for responding. What do you mean by putting the object in alpha 0? because I could not find such thing.(sry btw, Im just new to modding)
  10. Got problems with .col file

    Hello everyone, So, I use 3ds max with kam's script to make my col file, it clearly says that I can use boxes and spheres, So I use a box as a collision, but everytime I do that my game crashes. next I combine it with the .dff file of a car, so its .dff + .col after im done with that, I put it in a simple modloader that I found on the internet, which works perfectly fine., But I can't seem to use boxes as a col file which is super weird. anyone has solution to my problem? or has anyone else a editor for .col?