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  1. you should try to reinstall that script, also it should work normally. ill explain how to export collision. first go to your Utillities, go to Kam's GTA script. press on collision IO, once you have done that. you should see on your left hand side a bar, click on Collision mesh and click on your object (it doesnt matter which object as long as they are connected, also check if your objects x y z are at 0,0,0) and then if you have a car (for example) you can press on shadow mesh and do the same. COL3 should be selected. and then write a name above export. and then export the file. PS: download kams script via gtagarage.com
  2. 3ds Max, trying to get a good ''skin'' placement

    First of all smd, but there you go I found the answer: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/getting-started/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2015/ENU/3DSMax-Tutorial/files/GUID-5BA72891-97EC-4688-8B50-9FACCF1FF040-htm.html
  3. Yo guys, I got a little problem. I can't seem to get this right. When I try to use ''Editable Mesh, Polygon, Create'' feature. I can't get a good ''skin'' placement on the surface. It's all washed out, which means the surface is small. But is there a way around this so it will match up with the other wall? (btw I made the other wall by just changing the surface ''skin''). I'm new to 3ds max, so pls don't me harsh. 1: my problem: 2: what the skin is, 3: what it should look like. https://imgur.com/a/quNyv78 . If anyone could help me, I'd appriciate it alot, because I could not find it on google myself. Mabye im just too stupid. Anyway thanks alot. Greetings Taurus
  4. Problems with a building

    Hey, thanks for helping. You are correct. it's just one of the things of gta I guess. I got it working now with an other ID (I chose ID 2933 if you wanted to know).
  5. Problems with a building

    Hello, I got some problems with a costum building that I made, So I got 2 buildings in 1 but they are 2 different things, so I have id: 16775 as a building interior and one other building just as a building. So when I shoot at the interior building (with id 16775) the thing brakes. I looked at the panel: Breakable = false. I look in the save location of the map, it says after some random :~: Breakable: true. It doesnt only say it at that but also at non-breakable objects. but I can't break those when shooting it. Anyone facing the same problems? if so, how did you fix it? Thanks.
  6. [HELP]DayZ Itmes, Weapons & Vehicles

    hey, i know this is not the answer to your question, but would you like to team up? I got a great base protection system ans some great bases incorperated in the map. Msg me on discord: TR1ppl3#2221
  7. Got problems with .col file

    Oh, Im stupid, with mapping I ment making costum cars/skins.
  8. Got problems with .col file

    If im correct, thats with the dope sheet right?
  9. Got problems with .col file

    Yeah I do, But Im still in the learning phase.
  10. Got problems with .col file

    Hey, thanks for responding. What do you mean by putting the object in alpha 0? because I could not find such thing.(sry btw, Im just new to modding)
  11. Got problems with .col file

    Hello everyone, So, I use 3ds max with kam's script to make my col file, it clearly says that I can use boxes and spheres, So I use a box as a collision, but everytime I do that my game crashes. next I combine it with the .dff file of a car, so its .dff + .col after im done with that, I put it in a simple modloader that I found on the internet, which works perfectly fine., But I can't seem to use boxes as a col file which is super weird. anyone has solution to my problem? or has anyone else a editor for .col?