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    Setting Ped Voice Malfunctioning.

    Hello again ! Actually below code is also not working. Client Side :- addCommandHandler("setvoice", function (command,sound1,sound2) if sound1 and sound2 then outputChatBox("playing") setPedVoice(getLocalPlayer(), sound1, sound2) end end ) Accordingly, this outputs "playing" but the player does not talking at least a word. What may be the problem here ?
  2. DeadthStrock

    World Sounds function not working

    Hello dear ! Following function does not working with some reason that I can't investigate. It outputs "playing" but there's no sound generating ! addCommandHandler("play", function (command,number1,number2) if number1 and number2 and tonumber(number1) <= 44 then outputChatBox("playing") setWorldSoundEnabled(tonumber(number1),tonumber(number2),true) end end ) How to fix this ??
  3. DeadthStrock

    [Help] Problem with admin panel

    Hello ! I suggest you to download the default admin resource and replace it with current one if you done anything to resource. And make sure to add your account name in Admin group of acl.xml [ <object name="user.account_name"></object>]. Then try it again.
  4. DeadthStrock

    removePedFromVehicle with animation?

    I guess ; setPedControlState(thePlayer, "enter_exit", true) for local players.
  5. DeadthStrock

    Run functions with the same name

    Sorry, but I didn't got your question ! For a example ?
  6. DeadthStrock

    Effect name

    You want to create effects like shown on images ?
  7. DeadthStrock


    No, that function isn't true since it doesn't fix errors. And you should define whom is 'player' variable. function test ( ) if getElementData(player, "Job") == "CIA" then if getElementData(player, "Clan") == "BBY" then outputChatBox("You can't get this job ",player) end end end
  8. DeadthStrock

    How to increase voice volume on MY server?

    And what's between <voice_quality> tag ?
  9. DeadthStrock

    How to increase voice volume on MY server?

    What is between <voice_samplerate> tag of MTASERVER.conf file of your server ?
  10. DeadthStrock

    MTA[DayZ] - Car Parts

    --Vehicle Infos function vehicleStatus() local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle (getLocalPlayer()) if veh then local maxfuel = getElementData(veh,"maxfuel") local fuel = getElementData(getElementData(veh,"parent"),"fuel") local needengine = (getElementData(veh,"needengines") or 1) local needtires = (getElementData(veh,"needtires") or 4) local needparts = (getElementData(veh,"needparts") or 1) local engine = getElementData(getElementData(veh,"parent"),"Engine_inVehicle") or 0 local tires = getElementData(getElementData(veh,"parent"),"Tire_inVehicle") or 0 local parts = getElementData(getElementData(veh,"parent"),"Parts_inVehicle") or 0 local offset = dxGetFontHeight(1.02,"default-bold") local w = dxGetTextWidth(engine.."/"..needengine.." Engine",1.02,"default-bold") if engine == needengine then r,g,b = 0,255,0 else r,g,b = 255,0,0 end dxDrawText (engine.."/"..needengine.." Engine" ,screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0,screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0,tocolor ( r,g,b, 220 ), 1.02, "default-bold" ) local w = dxGetTextWidth(tires.."/"..needtires.." Tires",1.02,"default-bold") if tires == needtires then r,g,b = 0,255,0 else r,g,b = 255,0,0 end dxDrawText (tires.."/"..needtires.." Tires",screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0+offset,screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0+offset,tocolor ( r,g,b, 220 ), 1.02, "default-bold" ) local w = dxGetTextWidth(parts.."/"..needparts.." Tank Parts",1.02,"default-bold") if parts == needparts then r,g,b = 0,255,0 else r,g,b = 255,0,0 end dxDrawText (parts.."/"..needparts.." Tank Parts" ,screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0+offset*2,screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0+offset*2,tocolor ( r,g,b, 220 ), 1.02, "default-bold" ) local w = dxGetTextWidth("Fuel:"..math.floor(fuel).."/90"..maxfuel,1.02,"default-bold") if fuel == maxfuel then r,g,b = 0,255,0 elseif fuel < maxfuel/10 then r,g,b = 255,0,0 elseif fuel < maxfuel/4 then r,g,b = 255,50,0 elseif fuel < maxfuel/3 then r,g,b = 200,100,0 elseif fuel < maxfuel/2 then r,g,b = 125,200,0 elseif fuel < maxfuel/1.5 then r,g,b = 50,200,0 end dxDrawText ("Fuel:"..math.floor(fuel).."/"..maxfuel,screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0+offset*2,screenWidth*0.5-w/2 , screenHeight*0+offset*2,tocolor ( r,g,b, 220 ), 1.02, "default-bold" ) end end addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,vehicleStatus)
  11. DeadthStrock

    Fix XML

    Hello Everybody ! Please help me to fix below script with XML file. There's a XML file called 'codes.xml'. Inside of that XML file looks like below. <pass characters="1234" allowed="true" /> <pass characters="5678" allowed="true" /> <pass characters="9012" allowed="true" /> Characters shown in above XML is used as a security key for open a certain door. Each character set can be used only once. There's a LUA script which is not completed yet can be seen below. function open(player, command, code) if code then --- addCommandHandler("pass",open) Well. If any player command as /pass 5678 , then the door will be open as security code is inserted in the previous XML file. But I need your help to make this work. * When a player command, how to check that the security code is inserted in XML file ? * When the security code is right, how to change corresponding allowed node to false ?
  12. Hello ! I have a problem on form that is related to 'Insert Existing Attachment' option. As you may know there is a button called 'Insert Existing Attachment' on every replying spaces and under that button, there are 02 options as 'insert image from URL' as well as 'Insert Existing Attachment'. When click on 'Insert Existing Attachment' a windows will display with 'You do not have any existing attachments' with 02 unusable buttons. So, how to add attachments to display in 'Insert Existing Attachment' window ?
  13. DeadthStrock

    Downloading screen

    I would like to add a question to @gujuk2's reply. If we made a resource that @gujuk2 said, How can we test this resource on local server ?
  14. DeadthStrock

    Help needed with script Shop panel

    Remove the bind and it's functions. Then F4 will unable to open GUI.
  15. DeadthStrock

    Hydra Rocket Damage

    Thank you @IIYAMA ! According to that event try below code. Client Side :- addEventHandler("onClientExplosion",root, function (x,y,z,type) if type == 2 or type == 3 then triggerServerEvent("hydra.onExplosion",resourceRoot,x,y,z) end end ) Server Side :- addEvent("hydra.onExplosion",true) addEventHandler("hydra.onExplosion",root, function (x,y,z) createExplosion(x,y,z,10) createExplosion(x,y,z,10) createExplosion(x,y,z,10) end ) I do not know weather hydra explosion is '2' or '3'. Find it by yourself @Krex.
  16. DeadthStrock

    Fit Gui to resoultion HELP

    Hi @Quenix ! You are using 'absolute' method to take the positions of drawing DX texts. Use 'relative' method instead. It'll fix your problem. Don't know what is known as 'Relative' and 'Absolute' ? Visit here :- Relative and Absolute
  17. DeadthStrock

    Help needed with script Shop panel

    I made a fixed resource zip for you. Check that out. And note that there are no .png images of shop items. Also, in server side code, you have not added all shop stuff's amount to "0" when player login. Thing like 'tent' are missing. add them, else they can't buy. Click Here to redirect to the resource zip download page.
  18. DeadthStrock

    [HELP]ERROR Animation CODE

    Hi @mucuk6547 ! In line 4 of your client side code, you should supply a string to the argument 2 of 'engineLoadIFP'. Replace 'selam' in there with 'customBlockName'. And your command function should look like below. function setanimation( command, askeriselamani ) -- check if IFP file has loaded if IFP then -- now play our custom animation setPedAnimation( localPlayer, customBlockName, askeriselamani ) end end addCommandHandler( "selam", setanimation )
  19. DeadthStrock

    [HELP] What is the ID for this road object??

    Well, it's like this. Requirements :- good electricity. Time. Hot coffee cup. Method :- Click on the objects button on map editor. Then select all objects from the dropdown list on top of the window. Then put your one finger on down arrow. And eyes on monitor. Click on the uppermost object of the objects list. Then press downarrow since you find your object. If you got any unhappy, drink some coffee. Now do it again and again until you reach the target. GOOD LUCK !!
  20. DeadthStrock

    [HELP] What is the ID for this road object??

    You are finding an ID of an object that is in default GTA world. So, first remove the world object with world object remover button. Then click on current elements button. There you can see removed object. double click on it. Then you can find the ID of the object in showing window under model memo.
  21. DeadthStrock

    Hydra Rocket Damage

    Hi @Krex ! I don't know 100% working method. But I give you a little support regarding this. Server Side :- addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage",root, function (_,type) if type == 19 then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) createExplosion(x,y,z,10) createExplosion(x,y,z,10) createExplosion(x,y,z,10) end end ) This is my little effort results. When a player hit a missile, x3 explosion create. But if missile explode near the player. Our custom explosions done on the player . examine the code and build your own. Good Luck !
  22. DeadthStrock

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    Great to hear that their's an update ! Good job + keep it up dude ! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Then why we can't see any built-in lua files in MTA directory
  23. DeadthStrock

    Looking for the best way of player datas saving and loading

    Hello @Tony Brand ! I'm not well known on databases of MTA server. I'm here to answer your last question. According to my knowledge, I thought it can be happen. I can give you a suggestion regarding this. That is; you should use 'setTimer' function on some of player's data changed. Meanwhile, as you say, if player change his money continuously, server had a many load to do. So, you should use a timer. When player change his money, timer run and about 6/7 seconds after, server executes the database function to save player's money. Since database save function run on 6/7 seconds interval, player can continuously change his data on that time period. Then server will save current money one time on database. So I think this way is efficient.
  24. DeadthStrock

    Immortal Peds 0_0

    Hello ! I have a probblem. Everytime when I creating a ped in the server using 'createPed' function, the ped that creating can't be killed [ immortal ]. I don't like that way. The ped should be able to killed. Did you know to fix this ? createPed(0, 0, 0, 5)