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  1. Ok, so what's the status of my ban? Have you checked what "malicious activity" I did?
  2. Discord name: Agent-47#0047 Discord user ID: 690052432839049365 Reason for ban: Malicious Activity Why should we remove your ban: Man, WTH is wrong with you people? First you global ban me from MTA SA after that you banned me from discord. What malicious activity am I doing?? I am not even active on discord or MTA. Are you guys high on something? Taking action just like willy nilly!!!!
  3. MTA Serial : 78EFD95F387DEBD059ECE94D2CD5B4F4 Duration : Permanent Reason : MALICIOUS ACTIVITY AGAINST A SERVER I was not even very active on MTA SA, I wonder why am i even banned? What malicious activity i did?
  4. I got globally banned from MTA for no reason. It just says "MALICIOUS ACTIVITY AGAINST A SERVER" How is it possible? I was away from MTA for a long time. Kindly investigate before taking action smh...
  5. I have newly installed server via linuxgsm in Linux ubuntu 18.04 64 bit OS, it has no issues. The skins replaced the original one even after area_zombies script is stopped. The skins go away after 3 4 days, idk what happened. I tried to use that script after removing skins files (from meta and all txd) so that zombies are normals peds but still the skin is replaced with the zombies one. Maybe something funny with script is going on!
  6. This script has an issue when i stop this resource the skins of zombies remain there even if i delete the resource. I try to restart server and the zombie skin remains as it is. How to remove zombies skin without reinstalling server???
  7. In this speaker script, the song won't repeat when it is finished. How to make it play songs in loop??
  8. I am facing an issue while deleting a mod. Whenever i use /mdel vehicles (vehicle name), it shows an error message. ERROR: mods/deleter_s.lua:103: attempt to concatenate local 'pAccount' (a userdata value) What to do to solve that? Also i tried removing mods by deleting files but it don't help. the script says error loading file (one i deleted) is missing. Please help!!!
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