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  1. Certo. O crash acontece somente em um servidor específico ou em todos?
  2. Olá! Você poderia mostrar um print/screenshot da mensagem completa de crash que aparece pra você? Assim poderíamos tentar de ajudar.
  3. Olá e bem vindo! Seria interessante se você pudesse mostrar o problema através de uma screenshot/print, assim poderíamos tentar te auxiliar.
  4. Hello, you could also try the servicing.bat solution if the error persists:
  5. No meu ponto de vista não faz muito sentido ter contas registradas (se tudo o que você comprou for realmente novo), mas como eu disse no meu último post, não acho que tenha nada que o pessoal daqui do MTA possa fazer pra te ajudar nesse quesito. Porém você pode tentar entrar em contato com o dono/Staff do servidor que você está tendo o problema (caso eles tenham fórum ou discord) e explicar o seu problema, porque somente eles podem te auxiliar com isso.
  6. Vampire

    connection problems

    Alright, so there's a common problem that's happening with people that live in Turkey (something related to your ISP). You should probably read this for more info: https://discord.com/channels/278474088903606273/278521065435824128/919701183596199976 (from Dutchman) If you or someone else can't join MTA discord to read, I will mentioning the issue here:
  7. Well, unfortunately I'm not able to help with that as I don't speak the server's main language which is Hungarian? Would be better to use your native language to contact them, so they could fully understand what's going on. You could show them the crash message (you said it's happening with other players so you can mention that too) and it will be up to them to figure out what's wrong.
  8. Yes, accordingly to MTA wiki that crash is related to unoptimized mods and faulty scripts that are abusing of video memory (causing out of video memory crash). You can either try contacting the server owner/Staff and inform about this issue or find another server to play, unfortunately.
  9. Vampire

    connection problems

    Hello and welcome! Do you happen to live in Turkey?
  10. Olá! Isso acontece em todos os servidores ou em um específico?
  11. Vampire

    Netlimiter kick

    I'm glad that it helped! And enjoy the game!
  12. Vampire

    Netlimiter kick

    The AnVir itself seems to be the problem, so you can try stopping it from the Task Manager or uninstall it.
  13. Vampire

    Netlimiter kick

    @Niko_Liberty, I got an info from Dutchman and he told me that C:\ATools\ATM\AnVir.exe (I could see it in your MTAdiag) is causing false positives that they can't resolve. It seems to be infected so you have to close it.
  14. Vampire

    Netlimiter kick

    Hm, that's odd. You could open your Task Manager (Services tab) and check if there are anything related to SoftPerfect there. If you can't find anything, then I ran out of solutions. I'm sorry.
  15. Vampire

    Netlimiter kick

    Well, I couldn't find anything in the tasklist of MTAdiag report, but maybe you can try finding the SoftPerfect driver. It should be located in C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS, so you can check if there's something called spfdrv.sys and delete it (since you said you uninstalled the program).
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