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  1. If anyone interested, please message me on here. We are looking for a resource.
  2. Hey! Sorry for the late reply - but we're growing our community, also our server is fully english! See you soon!
  3. Version v6.01 Beautiful design rework; +NEW Staff icons <Emerald gaming> +NEW Gameplay icons <Seatbelt, Mask, etc> +NEW Name fonts & chat logo +NEW Vehicle speedometer Items; +NEW Gang bandana designs +NEW Key designs + Many other item designs changed +3 custom vehicles have been added, these will be later purchasable by player owned dealerships.
  4. Editted & Bump! ((Delete if not allowed))
  5. Welcome to Sixth Street Roleplay! We are a small community of serious roleplayers, our server just opened a few days ago. Our mission is to make an awesome community & roleplay experience for all! We listen to our members & use your help to make your roleplaying experience better! Everyone starts with $4,000, you can roleplay as everything and anything you want! From a hobo running around begging for people's money to the mayor of your town! Discord mtasa:// We also have a promo going on; ever
  6. Few years back, i was working on a server (Completely lost the people i was working with) Their car system was real life cars but the models were original gta sa models. Although the performance/description/names were real cars, i'm looking for this script. Can anyone help?
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