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  1. Καλησπέρα.. πείτε κανέναν καλό server ρε παιδιά, τα τελευταία χρόνια παίζω SA-MP (Argonath, LSRP, τώρα σε Mudoo) (βασικά από το 2007) και σήμερα έφαγα αναλαμπή ότι υπάρχει και το MTA... Ψάχνω κάτι σε Stunt/Freeroam με custom maps, να μπω με controller να χαλαρώσω. Θυμάμαι από τα παλιά ότι το MTA ήταν πάντα πιο μπροστά σε θέμα customizing..
  2. i had Error #9 when i had a outside link to http with resources.... it was due to server was using some newer resources that the http site didn't have... so it may be confirmed as a bug but rockstarrem may not have uplaoded all resources... or may updated his server's resources after uploading them.... so server wont be able to give out resources which gives the Error #9
  3. As requested: <config> <!-- This parameter specifies the name of the server, visible in the ingame server browser or in ASE. It's a required parameter. --> <servername>Ghost Dog's Mania (Under Construction)</servername> <!-- This parameter specifies the IP address on which the server. It's useful for servers which have multiple IP addresses attached to them. If left blank, it will default to server's standard local IP. --> <serverip></serverip> <!-- This parameter specifies the Maximum Transmission Unit or
  4. Nice Work Found it after i've had already created my meta
  5. Hey Guys.... I got a problem with my server I don't have any firewall... i have port forwarded all ports needed and my server is currently up and running.... it is on Game-Monitor too: [url=http://www.game-monitor.com/mta_GameServer/]http://www.game-monitor.com/mta_GameSer ... ction.html[/url] But the problem is that when other people are trying to enter then they receive a "time-out" error i'm receiving that too when i'm trying to enter it through list... but it works fine through localhost... Can anybody help me?
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