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  1. Tupac Shakur

    [TUT] Learning to Code With MTA:SA (Video)

    Its easy to learn?
  2. Tupac Shakur

    Roleplay Community Survey

    So you will be create a new roleplay server if the survey is good?
  3. Tupac Shakur

    [TUT] Learning to Code With MTA:SA (Video)

    This tutorial is for creating an script?
  4. And you are in wrong board dude. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/92-servers-to-play-on/ this is the link for server's advertised
  5. Tupac Shakur

    Requesting a language

    Blokker? can you make an Filipino Forum Board?
  6. you are making a roleplay server for mta?

  7. Tupac Shakur

    Adding Filipino Language

    And i will be the one who help quartz
  8. Players talk in english?
  9. Tupac Shakur

    Help for script.

    Anyone can help me? teach me how to do some scripts. Maybe simple scripts.
  10. Tupac Shakur

    [LF] Developers and Staff [Non-Paid]

    How to contact you? I dont have discord.
  11. Tupac Shakur

    Requesting a language

    Philippines Board Section?