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  1. Ciastuuś


    Hi, Because we have an atmosphere called winter, why is it only in reality? Abo, because you do not have this script that will add a winter climate to your server and its players. Together with the team, we have created another project! F7 - turning off the snow on the screen Download: Video:
  2. Ciastuuś

    [SHOW] Builiding System

    Thanks everyone ❤️ Haha
  3. Ciastuuś


    Hello. Today I am giving you a gamemode inspired by the PUBG game! Without unnecessary talk, I will show you how to properly enable gamemode! It's easy to run this gamemode. Begin with adding this to mods > deathmatch > acl > "Admin" group bottom: <object name="resource.pubg"></object> <object name="resource.pubg_config"></object> So it will look like this: <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> <acl name="Admin"></acl> <acl name="RPC"></acl> <object name="resource.admin"></object> <object name="resource.webadmin"></object> <object name="resource.acpanel"></object> <object name="resource.pubg"></object> <object name="resource.pb_config"></object> *optionally; admin account for you, using <object name="user.yourAccount"></object> at the bottom. After doing that, open mtaserver.conf and add this at bottom (REMOVE all existing auto-start resources); <!-- pubg is the default gamemode. Remove the following line to prevent it from starting. --> <resource src="pubg" startup="1" protected="0" /> The main gamemode is supposed to start all other depending resources with <include resource="resourceName" /> in meta.xml of the main gamemode resource. So, after adding "pubg" / the main resource to autostartup, it should be sorted already. Now, start the server and play! No accounts or SQL DB required for playing, guest-based! It also contains commands such as: pb-start force || This command forces gamemode start, no matter the amount of players in lobby. pb-starttimer || This command force-starts the timer (default: 60 secs) to start running before auto-launching a new game from lobby, irrespective of amount of players. pb-end dimension || Ends a certain gaming session abruptly, use the dimension ID's for lobbies that are printed to Server console (MTA Server(64).exe) to identify and stop a game while its still running. pb-minplayers [min] || Override a player minimum for specific lobby Video: Download:
  4. Ciastuuś

    [SHOW] Builiding System

    Hi! I am Ciastuuś(Ciastuus) and today I present the construction system, which is visible in the film below. One day I came up with the idea of creating something that was not there. Namely, we wanted to create a server based on Rustie, but due to lack of time and limitations, we created a demonstration script that will exist on the server that we will open if we find the time. What can the script do? We will answer this question! Building on a designated area Creating all available elements visible in the video Removing manually created items Destroying elements by hitting a vehicle or shooting it with a gun And many more in subsequent versions! The visible zone has been modeled in its entirety, and checking whether an element is in the zone is part of the script. Same as effects. The effects are part of modeling and scripting them. If you have an idea what to add, please write in a comment, thank you! Credits: * Ciastuus(me) * Vagos * x0nx * xS3nd * Kavp * ... more
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    Nothing helped
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    It does not get a link after loading a file from your website I post here a different way of downloading
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  8. Na serwerze żywym posiadasz modele plecaków?
  9. Ciastuuś

    Tylko Polska!!

    2018, nadal istniejemy