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  1. I'd have to say BLASTA, VCK, VCP, and SM were some of the originals.
  2. Funny how u like to suck up to different gangs.
  3. LOL sry for coming in here but i had to comment on that.
  4. if i recall, i think stewie was jetpacking in the gangwar server a while back.
  5. nice!!! hope u guys last long enuff. good luck with the clan.
  6. maybe he just has other things to do besides stay on here.
  7. Phuk


    so they are really a n00by clan? laugh.
  8. hehe, good idea. i hope it works out for u.
  9. i highly doubt there is any around.
  10. you like to spam dont ya??? Should'nt this thread be locked or sumthin?
  11. Phuk

    DA is splitting

    i would like that too
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