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  1. Revan Novruzlu

    FPS drops

    MTA'da bir sorun yasiyorum daha sonra sunucuya girdim 60 fps birkac dakika sonra 30-35 dustu ve sonra alt + tab tuslarin bastim sonra yeniledim ve ardinda calismadi fps oyun sirasinda FPS dusuleri aldim oldukca bir bilgisyararim var kotu degil bu sorunu cozemiyorum bunu nasil yapacam fix bilmiyorum bu konu okuttugun icin tsk kim yardim edebilen varsa yazin lutfen.
  2. Revan Novruzlu

    FPS Drops

    I'm having an issue on my MTA I Entered Server later 60 fps After a few minutes 5-10 fell and and where and Then I pressed alt + tabbing then i cleaned refresh it then it didn't work I get FPS drops during gameplay. I've got a pretty good PC and I can't seem to fix this issue. My MTAdiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/755692783 any help is appreciated, thanks.
  3. Why don't you help me I'm trying to find a solution for 1-2 years. I can't find anything. I want to play I'm just trying to find a solution fix. And My Computer I did it 1-2 format Then it started to freeze drop. Please help me?
  4. Hello, But after I wanted to check something in the settings I found that the entire x16 resolutions has been removed after i've installed the updates. and How can I add x16 how to get them back once again?
  5. how? can you photo send me pls
  6. Any admin pls? helphimmm|!
  7. pleaes admin who can??? help
  8. Revan Novruzlu

    MTA Program?

    Hello. I Playing and my fps dropped from 61 to 30 Where I can Fix? or mta not working? and I Entered Server later 61 fps After a few minutes 30 fell and Thnx
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