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  1. https://github.com/mabako/mta-roleplay-test/blob/master/game/resources/[factions]/lses-system/s_injuries.lua Yes, stolen ofc.. not public, hahaha mr big mouth
  2. Hello! I have a problem with the damage script. I can't kill other players just if they got headshot.. but I don't know why. local playerInjuries = {} -- create a table to save the injuries function copy( t ) local r = {} if type(t) == 'table' then for k, v in pairs( t ) do r[k] = v end end return r end function isMelee( weapon ) return weapon and weapon <= 15 end function killknockedout(source) setElementHealth(source, 0) end function stabilize() if playerInjuries[source] and not isPedHeadless(source) then if playerInjuries[source]['knockout'] then
  3. Thanks for your reply, but then how can I add +1 month from now?
  4. Hello! So, I want to put +1 month from now to the mysql data but it's just insert current date (2018.01.24).. why?! date = string.format("%04d.%02d.%02d", time.year + 1900, time.month + 10, time.monthday ) dbExec(connection, "UPDATE Identity SET expires=? WHERE value = ?", date,itemValue)
  5. Ah, okay.. thanks... just because I have an item and a phone script and want to do that can call other person without restart the item script or reconnect to the server... So if you buy the phone from the shop you need to restart the item script or reconnect to the server for the phone works. if not then others cant call you... you always got this message: "[ERROR] Phone number not found!" I posted below the codes, hope you or someone can help me. function callTargetInServer(playerSource, number, playerNumber) if number then targetPlayer = callMember(number) if
  6. Hello! I want to restart a resource if someone bought eg: phone but not at everyone, just want to restart resource the one person who bought the phone (so client-side maybe?!) It is possible?
  7. Hello! How can I do unique bodywork for cars? I want to put it on the car like the paintjobs... gold,camo,fade bodyworks (I have these textures). Thanks for any help.
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