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  1. [FMJ]ParadoX has now left FMJ. Please do not affiliate him with FMJ in any way. Thanks.
  2. I am having the same exact problem, I can only run one server on the box, when I copy the server dir and want to run other server on different ports it would throw out the empty reply error.
  3. I made a program to make meta.xml files for race map files, so maybe I should include myself as an author of every race map ? That's the conclusion following your logic furious
  4. Yet another MTA:SA DM Trailer, for all the true MTA fans out there. high res version: http://mack.enetia.pl/mtasadm.avi
  5. With all this rude behaviour from boro and pcp's side attacking fmj just because of me representing my opinions about PCP's player being doggy, Ive decided not to stay quiet any more and published this movie representing the way PCP crush their opponents, this is not meant for starting a flame war or, as boro would say, us being unable to accept the defeat, this is simply to show that ppl are prone to use dirty tricks in mta and that what we've seen in 2 rounds was PCP playing unclean. No hard feelings guys and gl in the brutal world called mta. FMJvsPCP Backup link
  6. try clicking on reset game path button
  7. EUNA MATCH ON 02.08.2005 FMJ - 2 VS =NSA= - 0 GG FROM BOTH SIDES (Some misunderstandings with nsa respawning in 2nd round but well played from both sides)
  8. If a team consists of 6 players than they can have max of 2 players on the roof or non-reachable area. If theres 2 players left than 1 can stay on the roof and 1 must be reachable. No he can't.
  9. I personally think that someone should make an echo channel on irc for this match.
  10. yeah that sounds like a bit of sado sex but who cares we're free people after all
  11. Boro its only you who makes a big deal out of nothing. I didnt see that text about 5 people max as i left the mirc. You could have said that you wanted our player to leave when the round started. Having one player less is not a big thing as we played not even matches earlier. ITS NOT A BIG DISADVANTAGE. Boro I think that you should sort out ure behaviour next time cos we managed to play good matches with pcp before.
  12. FMJ vs PCP tonight: two matches. 1st : 2-1 2nd: 3-0 GG, Thanks for the game guys.
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