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  1. Thank guys really appreciate your input , nice to see that this community is full with non-toxic and smart people. Thanks again guys
  2. Thanks Guys , i will think about what i will do further.
  3. Thanks for your reply , i have decided to setup a custom database. Thanks for your reply , yeah i don't think it will be hard to create those functions, so i have decided to make a custom database. Thanks for your Insight
  4. Hi, I am new to MTA server scene and was wondering about a couple of things. Custom Database, good idea? Is it better to use a SQL Database, or just the default SQLite for storing users? Where is it best to store Stats, Weapons and Owned Vehicles? Should i store it in an SQL Database, or is there some other place that is better? and if i should store it in an SQL Database should i put it all in the same table that contains the usernames and passwords? Or should i keep the usernames and passwords in one table, Stats in one table and Weapons and Vehicles in one table? I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, as i said I'm new to this scene. Appreciate every reply i get Thanks