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  1. Un remake la meniul jocului din The Last of Us pe MTA Link video: https://streamable.com/8vzk7
  2. Here you should post suggestions for MTA. Make a topic in ,,scripting" about your question.
  3. Hydra

    MTA Chat in game

    Yes you are right, this topic can be closed now
  4. function asd() setElementModel(localPlayer, 0) end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), asd)
  5. Hey, I made this topic to make a suggestion if it would possible in version 1.5.8 or in the future to have an ,,MTA Chat" in game with two categories, "Private Messages" and "Global Chat" in weach we can talk more easily with other players and mta team members. This is the design I made (Is not really the default design but I hope you understand what I mean).
  6. Rename ,,verdana.ttf" with the default font names in MTA->CGUI if you want to change the font. * And i think is the wrong section to ask that here.
  7. Update v1.3: Nou: Am pus sunete in loc de text cand deschizi/inchizi capota,usa,portbagaju,farurile si motorul. Link v1.3: https://mega.nz/#!7PYlWKJA!LZu9VetW20AxkHA4lVrkZjTmItet1QsV0sMDUQYBM08
  8. Hydra

    i need help

    Try this resource if you don't know how to do it yourself * Change radar.jpg with your map * Also the resource has custom blips you can change with your own blips Resource: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=10596
  9. Un simplu script in care poti sta afk fara sa fi omorat Video: https://streamable.com/twyuq * 720p deoarece nu am mai stat sa il randez in ae *
  10. Salut, as vrea sa va prezint un vip panel facut pentru serverele de freeroam. O sa va las un link catre videoclip pentru a vedea ce contine. Link video: * Imi pare rau daca calitatea videoclipului nu este prea buna dar nu am mai stat sa rendez clipu in 1080p * Link-ul de la resursa il aveti tot acolo * Key "f7" | comanda /vip * O sa schimb pe tasta Z
  11. O sa il imbunatatesc pe viitor
  12. Salut, am creat un vehicle system care sper ca o sa va placa. Cu ce e diferit? Pai este adaugata optiunea pentru a deschide toate usile, portbagajul si capota si este adaugat ca bonus camber pe masina. * Merge perfect si pe masinile modate doar ca la unele poate mai trebuie sa ridici suspensia. Poze: https://pasteboard.co/ItTFiKw.png Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/96c7594j3rnh7jm/rcn_carcontrols.zip/file
  13. Daca vrei sa-ti faci o casa goala o poti crea in zmodeler http://www.zmodeler2.com/