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  1. voice system detect microphone

    Is there a way to detect if the player has a microphone or not?
  2. Says localPlayer is not a element serverside

    Guys, Saml1er was almost correct. I find it looking it on wiki the problem was in fetchRemote I had to pass client as a table after my function thank you guys for all your help I appreaciated it
  3. Says localPlayer is not a element serverside

    They're the same thing as wiki says. Source doesn't work either. Its funny cuz in my character creation script I passed the variable the same as I do in login and it works fine.
  4. Says localPlayer is not a element serverside

    still not working same expected element at argument 1 got nil The only way it works is if I do this local theSource = client and use theSource as the element
  5. Says localPlayer is not a element serverside

    As my code show I'm already doing it at least as I understood it says serverside
  6. addEvent('browser:onClientTryLogin', true) addEventHandler('browser:onClientTryLogin', resourceRoot, function(username, password) triggerServerEvent('server:onClientTryLogin', localPlayer, username, password) end) this is my code clientside this is my code serverside function tryLogin(username, password) local formOptions = { method = 'POST', formFields = { ['username'] = username, ['password'] = password, } } fetchRemote(loginURL['login'], formOptions, function(data, info) if info.statusCode == 200 then local fetchData = fromJSON(data) local errorCode = tonumber(fetchData['response_code']) if errorCode ~= 0 then triggerClientEvent(client, 'client:onClientLoginFail', client, authErrors[errorCode]) triggerEvent('server:onClientLoginFail', client, authErrors[errorCode]) else setElementData(client, 'account:id', tonumber(fetchData['account']['id'])) setElementData(client, 'account:username', tostring(fetchData['account']['username'])) end end end ) end addEvent('server:onClientTryLogin', true) addEventHandler('server:onClientTryLogin', root, tryLogin) it prints me bad argument @setElementData expected element got nil but even if I print client ou source as a string I get the same userdata I tried to pass localPlayer as another var and it worked but I think it is not supposed to be like that
  7. [HELP]How to make a image spin

    I think it makes no difference if you divide gettickcount for 20 or 1000 because % is going to reset the number every 360. getTickCount gets computer uptime isn't? its not going to make a diff because onClientRender doesn't trigger every ms. It triggers more like every 5 ms I think (getTickCount() % 360) / 20 I think this may do what you said. But still it wouldn't make a 360 rotation like he said cuz the max rotation would be like 18deg
  8. [HELP]How to make a image spin

    I think that / 20 makes no diff
  9. 3000x300 atlas map

    Man you gotta really good ones there. I found a 2700x2700 and fits it pretty well to my propouse. Thank you guys for your replies I appreciate it.
  10. 3000x300 atlas map

    Someone have a 3000x3000 version of atlas map? I really need it I wasn't sure if this is the wrong area to ask this but I have no idea where to ask I didn't find it on google image search either
  11. understood, thanks mate. Oh, sorry for the addEvent I wasn't paying attention to it.
  12. this is just like bacon, AWESOME. I was missing some group system in LUA. Hey, if I was going to call the group in a diff resource I should use getElementsByType or retrieve it with getElementById? and how is the right way to remove a element from a group? local charGroup = createElement('groupCharacter', 'character_group') setElementParent(charGroup, getElementById('account_group')) addEvent('server_onCharacterLogin', function() setElementParent(source, charGroup) end) addEvent('server_onCharacterLogout', function() setElementParent(source, nil) end) My code seems correct?
  13. CEF not load video local

    nvm worked with .ogg files (mp4 doesn't work)
  14. gsub

    found a solution here thank you @MrTasty
  15. gsub

    I tried your example here and I got a negative number output