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  1. ok, thnx, ill try that later
  2. COuld someone please tell me or show me the code that allows u to port a server. Im trying to make a dedicated halo server but i need to port it and i dont know how. Thnx for any help u can give me and i hope this is allowed to stay open even though its about halo, but this is a non mta forum afterall
  3. Heres one for u death, now bear in mind its only a joke, maybe http://www.fanta.dk/showmovie.asp?mid=A ... A1315DC59A when i saw how funny those indians where i just had to do it
  4. What do u mean claim the drug factory, we own it, they have to try and take it from us, like wheel said, regardless of map, we own it, if vcx or whoever want it back they will have to fight for it. This is Grand Theft Auto after all, its all about stealing and stuff. Not happy fun do what the map says picnic time[/url]
  5. hhahaha, good burn. But i could far outweihg u in a battle for the sexy. IM so sexy i have my own frigging temple where my worshippers go. I was on Ripleys beleive it or not because people thought my beauty was merely an illusion. Instead of having twinkies in the pantry, i haave "twinkies" in the pantry, if u know what i mean, wink wink. Yep yep yep yep yep. *Leans back, looks in the mirrir and almost gives himself a heart attack with his sexyness*
  6. yeah, hats off to that mighty fine burn. But on a more serious note, i am miles past sexy, im so good looking it should be against the law, i've just kept it quite so as not to make u other, less beautiful people jealous
  7. Dammit, we work good togetrher, i probably should of read teh first post cos i really dont know whats going on. But howabout Sin, is [KFC]SIn taken, ill have him if he isnt. Unit's mta is up the shitter so we probably wont see him for a long time
  8. i dont really know whats going on but if we need a partner my partner will be [KFC]Pi
  9. U dont need to duel us cos we own you princess, even under your fake names we were owning u like a cheap suit so go fucking hang yoourself. Pi has better things to do than fight you. Like taking a shit for instance
  10. damn, i suppose i probably would of been biased, hell who am i kidding, of course i would. You were on a pcj, i just dont remember seeing you come up on my radar. I really need to start paying attention to shit
  11. I'll be the ref, im not in the least ways biast. If deathb wins i have something to ridicule Pi about at school and if Pi wins i will have the satisfaction of knowing someone beat Deathb. Plus i can take some piccys for my album to go along with the sightings of the infemous flying firetruck. Im also still curious about were deathb suddenly appeared from while we were playing manhunt lastnight. Fill me in on this deaathb cos i cant figure it out. Unless you were paused in my car
  12. omg KFG, will this spree of bumping old ttopics ever end. THINK OF THE CHILDREN
  13. by the way tholdier, nice avatar,
  14. Pi, u could at least mention the cheerleader, dont go turning gay on me
  15. count me the hell in, i want a piece of this action baby, call me [MJFC]tightass
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