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  1. Brett

    MTA Fallout Video

    Camtasia. Easy to learn and use.
  2. Brett

    MTA Fallout Video

    Updated video. For some reason I can't post this into the original.
  3. Brett

    MTA Fallout Video

    This is just something I'm attempting as an experiment. But give your thoughts on the video, project, or just opinions and concerns. Happy to hear them out.
  4. I just wanted to simply respond to the first part. They admit it, because it's honest. And it's the law. I don't know if you know much about Copyright law, but this is how it works. You are free to use work that has been released in some fashion, as long as you give credit to the original creators unless trademarked or under copyright. And no script made on MTA or SAMP is copyrighted/trademarked as the one who would hold that is Rockstar Games since this is their platform. So technically under international law, nobody owns anything here. Rockstar does. Just a small course in how the law works.
  5. Owlgaming was made from Valhalla, and even LSRP on SAMP came from a Public Enemy script. The script is not the decider of roleplay, it's the players who do that. If you judge your entire experience based on a script for a roleplay server, then you're not actually giving roleplay on the server a chance. Just "Same script, I quit." And we never claimed we were completely custom at all and openly admit we're not. No where in this did we say "Custom Script 100%!" Merely just said that it is actual ROLEPLAY. So're kinda blowing smoke here friend. I would completely agree with you had we been a community that uses public scripts etc, and claim it's 100% custom. But we haven't done that in the slightest.
  6. I don't know if you script or not, but I am going to respond to you. Scripters put hard work into some systems that they plan to use for themselves, and if those projects don't fall through in order for their work not to be in vain, they publicly release them. Why else would there be a section for "Publicly Released Scripts," if you judge someone for using said scripts? Logic really doesn't fall through...and is actually a little insulting to the scripters who make it then the people who use it. Just two cents on that matter. And of course, if people asked if we made it, we just tell them no it's public. Not like we're hiding that.
  7. Opening day went great. Screenshots such as this occurred:
  8. Opening January 1st, 2018 (( Based now in Bone County, Fort Carson. )) Introduction to the Republic of San Andreas The above is merely a snippet of the world being created for our server, with the full story of it being found here. We at Legacy take great pride in developing a roleplay experience unique to our own community, in an attempt to stand out from the many servers operating on a similar familiar to the next server. Our Administration Team divided and with proper delegation work hard to ensure you the player, that Legacy Roleplay is the server that you can feel comfortable enough to make a home for yourself. A few features of our server can be found below; UCP and Script Features And much much more... Why should I play Legacy? Well, there isn't one reason we at Legacy believe you should roleplay with us, but a multitude of reasons we shall sum up in bullet points. Friendly and Responsive Staff. Our staff is responsive to the needs of the community, and you can be sure to always find a voice of reason within the team if you ever have a dispute or concern that you feel needs to be brought up. An IC State Government. All affairs for government and legal factions will fall under the direction of an IC State Government as detailed here. Factions will actually have internal budgets, and the IC State Government will be in charge of matters relating to funding, removals, etc to avoid OOC administration in cases it's unnecessary. Bills are also voted regularly as can be seen here. A full outline of it can be found here too. Actions have consequences. PS runs out of money, then they'll have to take IC actions like striking, or other means to get money if the government won't provide more. Vehicles getting destroyed also have zero OOC protections, so if they get destroyed they are deleted. The point is, OOC protections on things do not exist in Legacy. If it happens, it will be dealt with ICly. A dynamic not commonly seen in servers. Dynamic Weapon and Drug Supply System - This is all explained here. We're here to roleplay, and rather then spawning things out of thin air for people to have them we're taking the initiative to create roleplay with it in a manner consistent with the server story to make it fun and inclusive for everyone. Lack of unintelligent trolls or intolerable behavior. With our Character Creation system, no longer will you have characters regularly disregarding their life and making new characters in seconds. Every character must have a backstory, and must be approved by an admin on the UCP before even connecting to the server. Ensuring that we keep a standard of professional english, and intelligent roleplayers while weeding out the bad. Immersive roleplay experience. As can be seen in this topic. We have worked hard to create a world that allows us the freedom we need to do as we wish, without restrictions of the real life world in all aspects which can at times serve as an unnecessary hindrance in the types of roleplay we wish to engage in. Fully fleshed out Legal Virtual Market and Illegal Virtual Market. Along with systems to give players free businesses that are player-run. Full IC Lore, for how Saint Andrews came to be. Bug fixes are quick, and can be easily tracked by players here. We value roleplay, over stat-whoring. Jobs have cooldowns to prohibit the endless grinding of jobs, in order to encourage players to seek out roleplay opportunities to make money. Many, many, more. We cannot in this small post, detail all the neat mechanics behind the scenes, but we at Legacy really value creativity in our roleplay. And we do not wish to unnecessarily hinder potentially mindblowing types of roleplay that in most cases would be restricted by numerous OOC regulations, bias, or other reasons that lead to you having an unsatisfying experience. Additional Screenshots ]] ' ' Pass the Information Website: Forums: Discord: We hope that you will join us and stay with us for all your roleplay needs. Thank you for reading, and see you at Legacy Roleplay!