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  1. Fighter

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    @thisdp I really want know how to add add image /logo in the script / how to make gui background
  2. Fighter

    How to Make forum

    Hello there, today i need to know how to make forum like this
  3. Fighter

    Free MTA-SAMP Application (Opened)

    oke make it without mysql database, just thank you <3
  4. Fighter

    Free MTA-SAMP Application (Opened)

    Your Real name :Eslam Email(for panel information): [snip] Country : Egypt What u want(Game type) :MTA:SA Sv Location (France available) :France Sv Mx player(max200) :150 Extra note : i need Host with mysql database , thanks
  5. Fighter

    Server Problem

    ACL: Access denied for 'start'
  6. Fighter

    Server Problem

    bro i have question>> how to talk in Console From Host "Cairo host" you can show Screenshot/video
  7. Fighter

    Server Problem

    bro i see +1000000 object name
  8. Fighter

    Server Problem

    Hello EveryOne "How are you Guys" i have question>> Where in acl.xml make my account name cuz without that he said "ACL: Access denied for 'start'"
  9. Fighter

    Help Me Please

    bro i know in acl.xml but where in there? bro you can make video/Screenshot for me please bro
  10. Fighter

    Help Me Please

    guys now i have host from location Cairo host and i have question is now iam already have host "how to make me staff in host cuz iam want open server and F8 " /login Account / password and i can open "p" panel >> How i can open adminpanel in server Thanks for reading
  11. Fighter

    Trading Scripts On Servers

    -Your name on fourm: Fighter -Your real name:Eslam -Which Script i want: i need all scripts server -Your SkyBe Id: i dont heve skype just i heve facebook [] -Any Extra info: N/A
  12. Fighter

    ultra-mega shop

    bro you can give me all this scripts??
  13. Fighter

    [LF] We Need Developers

    I need one Developers Cuz i will Create server and i want one Create Forum for my server If You're Developer Add me in Facebook
  14. Fighter

    [LF] Developers and Staff [Non-Paid]

    You're Developers ?
  15. Fighter

    [LF] Scripter for server [Paid]

    you good Staff,Scripter?