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  1. Hmmm, you are very wrong here. Like eai said, look at gta. It uses a game engine made by a different company, does that mean gtavc should be open source and that they cant copyright it? And does that mean R* cant do anything to the engine because they didnt create it? NO, THAT IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL. Obviously, you dont know jack shit. All software creators have the chance to copyright what they make, whether it be an instant messenger, or something based off a source code and created into something new. It doesnt matter if it uses somehting else. Oh, and by the way, if R* doesnt like people touching their game, stop playing it, because you touch the CD each itme you play it, and also, tell R* about http://www.gtaforums.com and all the other mod places on the net. THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT SCM EDITING. And of course they dont support MTA, MTA IS AN UNOFFICIAL MOD. Jesus christ, what a god damn loser.
  2. MrBump hates scripts. Even though eh doesnt ban the millions of people who use NN Script and stuff.
  3. Holy crap, those shots look awesome. Can't wait to see the secret features that are hidden by the orange.
  4. There always will be cheaters. I mean, look at BF Vietnam. They have punk buster in it, yet there still are the ocasional cheaters that we hate so so much. If cheats can be stopped totally, that will be the day.
  5. This is somehting i totally agree with. Lowering the poll options because not many people go over 5 is horrible. Some people would like to have more options for certain topics. And yes, this is just like moving posts to 1000 charcters only. Just because most people post under 1000, doesn't mean over that would be needed for certain things. With 1000 characters, i dont even think i could post my opinions right now. So, in other words, its just wrong to limit the poll options just because not many go over that. People don't abuse having more than 5 poll options, at least i've never seen it. There is absolutely no point in lowering the poll options.
  6. look out for the [bCA] gang. They cheat. We had them speedhacxking/walking and firing weapons in the ulk public.
  7. Actually, Tim i think asked me if i could ban someone named Myztikal from Disaster's server. But i didnt have admin. So i think he might be a valid cheater. Just giving out my possible info. -Posty
  8. I don't think I've ever seen the mta team spam so much, lol. Btw, BTA 0.7 sounds so 1337
  9. Can someone tell me what Tribes 2 is anyways? I've heard of it, but I've never seen it. EDIT: 100th post again! (i use to have like 156 on my old account, but it got banned a while back, so i opened this one, and now i just dont feel like going back to it )
  10. [9:46pm] Bump [9:46pm] i love u Wow, at least someone loves him now (just kidding bumpy! plz dont ban me.... btw, quote is 100% real)
  11. LMAO! That's a great photoshop bump. Heh, I mean the stuff is cut out well and everything.
  12. But sadly, that arrow still has the same inforemation from MTA:VC 0.1
  13. No, GTA:WO is dead. There was never a real team at all. Some facts about it. 1. Redspike had a team of about 3 people. The rest of the people never showed up or were never taken off the list. 2. All the progress you heard Redspike say was fake. No one knew what to do because he didn't tell us. 3. About his 0.2 main.scm. There was almost nothing in there. He basically converted the weapon pickups/health/etc from GTA3 to VC for GTA:WO. 4. Redspike can do main.scm, but he does not know enough to finish the project by himself. 5. About all the things he said he was gonna do, liek the both cities, he never really got around to it. He depended on DracoBlue to make the thing into the client and Redspike took credit for it. Main point, GTAWO is DEAD FOREVER. Check out GTA:LC at GTA Forums. They are using the lc map files and porting gta3 to vice city. Much better and they are trying to do something possible that is in their power, unlike what Redspike was trying for GTA:WO.
  14. You seem to use moltovs alot.. Molotovs are very lame in mta because of the glitch, it takes no skill. Stubby takes skill to use and to evade. If you are new and use the stubby at first, you wont kill anyone really. Trust me, I've faced stubby n00bs, they suck. I've also faced my brother in stubby wars in mta and he had only played single player. Guess who won? Me, because I knew how to evade them and if he evaded I knew where to aim to get him on his run. Molotovs are very lame because of the glitch. People spam them so they have fire around them and stuff so they cant really get hit. So lame, and I'm not speaking on my own opinion. Almost everyone hates continuous molotov glitchers.
  15. The people they got were Burt Reynolds and Jay Leno Yea, there were some errie parts in the movie, but it was funny too
  16. umm..... this isn't right.. __________________________ [12:08am] i got da kung fu barbie [12:08am] omg....... [12:08am] i bet u masturbate to it [12:08am] [12:08am] ya, and kung fu ken ___________________________ O_o Now we know more of his secrets...
  17. Heh, only a real man can wear pink as me and my friends say You got somethin against pink? Pink is fuckin pimp.
  18. Yea, but that Cheetah is like pinkish/orangish. So, we'll wait and see
  19. hmm... I think I see some hints of features in these shots. I'll say the ones not already said. 1. Time and Weather synced. I think this because it shows the Tiem changed: 17:00 Weather Changed: Sunny, and stuff like that. 2. You might be able to buy something as their is money in DM, and also in previous shots form the "History of MTA" it showed ammunations on the radar. 3. Wider variety of skins. As I see skins that were never in 0.2(.2) or 0.3. I hope my guesses are correct EDIT: Oh, and I think there might be more cars, or changed cars. Because I don't remember seeing that Cheetah in 0.3
  20. This fucker named Ryan32 knows the guy who is doing it (zoidberg) and because of this, he DoS'ed Robpol... Here's the log of the attack... And ehre is the log of this. http://www.sifnt.org/mtalog.txt EDIT: This is still going on, i had to stop logging as it froze my mIRC.
  21. Hmm, yea. I don't think an ingame menu would be good. It might be, but if it turns out like GtaT's ingame menu, then no. We also don't want tanks in because they can tap you and you blow up, it'd be too fuckign crazy. Maybe a game mode could have a tank battle or soemthing. But not for regular DM.
  22. Thanks Aeron. That helps ALOT. Great job on posting the IPs so we can ban them all
  23. {ULK}Posty

    IRC Notepad!

    Well i dont use mtama much So fuck ya'll, im goin home!
  24. {ULK}Posty

    IRC Notepad!

    Wow, you have wayyy too much time on you hands Now if you could turn this into a script for mtama so it logs what happens while your in the admin, that would rule
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