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  1. You must make it yourself or fine here https://community.mtasa.com
  2. I think you need to upgrade this resource.
  3. You are in the wrong section, post that in support.
  4. FFS use certainly shaders, and this is MTA not SAMP
  5. I think you can't add new id, you can only replace.
  6. Look on job-system and mechanic.
  7. /setjob yourID 5 Then right click on a car
  8. Post in Spanish section.
  9. Your specs are to low, 2gb ram is not enough. Close all useless applications running in background.
  10. What did you do before having this problem ?
  11. It's an HD model, try with a Low Poly
  12. How can i change Windows color and Label font size ?
  13. Good job, i will use it in my open source rp project.
  14. The basic admin script when you install mta make that
  15. C'est une commande, je l'ai faite 1 fois, pour le var_dump, sa me met une erreur attempt to call global 'var_dump' (a nil value)
  16. J'y avais pas pensé au outputChatBox ^^ L'outputChatBox me donne 3 valeurs: 123456789 1 1
  17. Ea7gign

    Bug in my hud

    Code ?
  18. Comment je peut vérifier la valeur id ? Le tableau est créer au démarrage de la ressource en parcourant tous les comptes.