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  1. tuning panel/tuning menu

    Look on job-system and mechanic.
  2. tuning panel/tuning menu

    /setjob yourID 5 Then right click on a car
  3. [HELP] I need house buy-sell script

    You can modify it for roleplay...
  4. [HELP] Interior System

    Code ?

    Post in Spanish section.
  6. Super Powers [98% completed script]

    It's a 2013 script...
  7. Cars Effects Lag !

    Your specs are to low, 2gb ram is not enough. Close all useless applications running in background.
  8. Cars Effects Lag !

    What did you do before having this problem ?
  9. Cars Effects Lag !

    It's an HD model, try with a Low Poly
  10. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    How can i change Windows color and Label font size ?
  11. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Good job, i will use it in my open source rp project.
  12. [Request/Help] Radar warp F11 map

    The basic admin script when you install mta make that
  13. attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

    C'est une commande, je l'ai faite 1 fois, pour le var_dump, sa me met une erreur attempt to call global 'var_dump' (a nil value)