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  1. I think you need to upgrade this resource.
  2. You are in the wrong section, post that in support.
  3. Ea7gign

    help me simple code

    FFS use certainly shaders, and this is MTA not SAMP
  4. Ea7gign

    help me simple code

    I think you can't add new id, you can only replace.
  5. Ea7gign

    tuning panel/tuning menu

    Look on job-system and mechanic.
  6. Ea7gign

    tuning panel/tuning menu

    /setjob yourID 5 Then right click on a car
  7. Ea7gign

    [HELP] I need house buy-sell script

    You can modify it for roleplay...
  8. Ea7gign


    Post in Spanish section.
  9. Ea7gign

    Super Powers [98% completed script]

    It's a 2013 script...
  10. Ea7gign

    Cars Effects Lag !

    Your specs are to low, 2gb ram is not enough. Close all useless applications running in background.
  11. Ea7gign

    Cars Effects Lag !

    What did you do before having this problem ?